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B2C Direct Mail Statistics

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Here at bakergoodchild, we have some very inspiring statistics to bring you relating to B2C direct mail, which we think speak for themselves. So, read on and be encouraged and consider starting a B2C direct mail campaign for your own business and create some statistics of your own!

B2C campaigns offer an attractive ROI and response rates

Previous research has shown that £3.22 is the average ROI for each £1 spent on direct mail, an investment then well worth making!

At 5.1% Direct mail achieves the highest response of all the channels assessed by the DMA. Again, from the DMA, of all consumers, 65% have purchased an item in the past from a mailshot, that’s two-thirds of the population.

The Online Marketing Institute revealed that direct mail enjoys a lower cost per lead than other channels and the highest conversion rate, which at 4.4% mirrors fairly closely to the DMA findings.

Personalisation will also improve response rates, Canon reported that adding a person’s name and full colour to a mailing increased response rates by 135%.

Recipients are now multi-channel integrated

An integrated approach always works better with a direct mailing backed up by other channels such as social media, telephone, postal address, TV & radio campaigns, etc. The Huffington Post revealed that over 90% of respondees to a mailing will visit a website first before calling an organisation who has sent the mailshot. In addition, 54% also connected to the organisation’s social media channels after receiving a mailshot.

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Recipients love direct mail

Contrary to popular thought most recipients actually love direct mail with 17 days being the average time consumers keep direct mail in their homes. This means mailings can endure and have an effect over weeks, whereas an email could be deleted in an instant.

Direct mail is popular across all age groups, but particularly with younger and older age groups. According to a study from InfoTrends 25% of the Millennials generation consider reading direct mail as a leisure activity, for this age group the DMA has said the average response rate is an impressive 12.4%.

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It’s time to make your own statistics!

We realise that statistics are just that, only statistics. There is nothing like proving whether B2C direct mail actually works than trying it for yourself. As direct mail experts bakergoodchild have worked in the marketplace for many years, so why not contact us on 0800 612 1972 to discuss your needs and plan your future campaign.

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