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Although Baker Goodchild does not specifically offer a print design service directly we provide great consultancy with a “prevention is better than cure” approach.

Baker Goodchild bringing design concepts to life

We work very closely with both our creative partners and our clients to bring ideas and concepts to life in artwork and then in print, which are often used in direct marketing campaigns.

Baker Goodchild act as a go-between with clients, creatives and printers to ensure there are no surprises or disappointments and we save money as well! We firmly believe that it is a mistake to treat design and print as separate entities, instead an integrated design and print approach should be taken:

  • A good designer will consider implications such as the print and print fonts, finishing and printing materials
  • A good printer will understanding design concepts and make practical recommendations on how this can be best converted into print and advise on aspects such as green-friendly approaches
  • Baker Goodchild have a full all-round understanding of both the design and print functions and will create a no-fuss solution for each client, advising on aspects such as traditional offset and digital printing

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We believe that “prevention is better than cure” as mistakes, misinterpretations, design or print errors lead to extra costs, frustrations and soak up all important lead-times. We will ensure that all print jobs submitted meet the quality standards required and will agree/manage to timescales (sometimes tight) agreed with printers and clients.

Removal of common artwork challenges

Through print design consultancy services, some of the common issues associated with artwork preparation are removed. These are summarised below, see our comprehensive article on this topic here:

  • Black and white images – We can recommend the best approach to submitting black and white images. Grayscale is needed, as images saved in CMYK/RGB still include small strands of colour
  • Bleed issues – A bleed is required to provide a polished finish, typically about 0.1250 or 1/8 is needed. We can ensure this is provided in all print artwork submitted
  • Correct application usage – Baker Goodchild can advise on the best applications to use for print design. Some clients design using tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher – these are inadequate for serious print. Baker Goodchild can recommend suitable applications such as InDesign and Quark
  • File corruption and opening issues – Working with Baker Goodchild we will actually check files prior to sending for corruption and that they will satisfactorily open. This is a great time saver and avoids disappointment later on
  • File formats – Printers need formats such as .TIFF or .PSD, whereas clients tend to send web-friendly formats like .PNG, .GIF and .JPG. We can advise clients to ensure the best formats are used
  • RGB to CMYK conversion issues – Litho printing requires CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black), whereas many clients manage their entire lifecycle in RGB (Red, Green & Blue). This introduces colour consistency issues, which we can resolve through our design consultancy
  • Size of files – Baker Goodchild can ensure that files sent to printers are optimised for size and are not too large. We can create files of just a few MB, whereas Photoshop (as an example) can create files which are hundreds of MB’s

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Moving Forward with Baker Goodchild

If you’re planning to improve the quality of your print campaigns then the print design consultancy service from Baker Goodchild could prove invaluable. We keep aware of the latest trends in print management and are experts in print design and all related matters. Complete our contact form for a speedy reply or call us now on 0800 612 1972 to plan your next campaign.

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