Value Added Print Consultancy From Baker Goodchild

Value added print consultancy from Baker Goodchild

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Outsourcing of print is not new; it’s a long-established service which has thrived based on its expertise and excellent record of delivery.

Printer firms are of course great at providing print but outsourcing to a print management consultancy like Baker Goodchild has a variety of extra benefits, as well as great print of course.

Working with a print management consultancy ensures that factors such as delivery, the best price, quality and green-friendliness are all taken into consideration. Also a print management consultancy will have access to many printers they work with and will select the best print company based on the circumstances for a given job and can deliver specialist printing requirements such as digital printing.

Why outsource to Baker Goodchild?

Here are some of the reasons to outsource your print management to Baker Goodchild:

    • Printer sourcing:

– Single printer management: Baker Goodchild will find the best printer for each job, based on a range of criteria
– Process compliance: Baker Goodchild can ensure that the printer works to an agreed process, quality levels and to set standards
– Buying professionalism
§ Technical knowledge: Are you confident you know how to identify all the technical elements that need to be in place? Our experts will create a correct print brief to help the printer to complete the job correctly.
§ Reduced buyer fragmentation: Outsource to Baker Goodchild and all your print ordering can be focused through us, rather than a fractured supply with multiple in-house staff ordering print supplies. Let your staff concentrate on their “day job” rather than in buying print
– Rely on our “eye for detail” : This will be beneficial in both SLA negotiation and also in the acceptance of print jobs (we can reject/replace print if it is not correct or to specification)

  • Cost savings – Due to many factors which are discussed at length in our cost savings article it makes sense to outsource to Baker Goodchild. Rather than it costing you more to use our print management services it will cost you less than working with a printer directly
  • Improved turnaround times – We work with a large selection of printers; this enables us to negotiate timescales and choose a particular printer for a job based on the speed of their delivery. This means even urgent jobs can usually be delivered on time
  • High volume print runs availability – Irrespective of the volume required Baker Goodchild can manage the print job for an organisation. Frequently we manage direct mail print runs of one million plus units, this can be one item or more usually many items which comprise a mailshot pack
  • Overcoming artwork preparation issues – There can be many challenges for printers associated with artwork supplied by clients. As experts in the print design field Baker Goodchild will ensure that all artwork supplied is highly professional and exactly what the printer needs to complete an excellent job. Baker Goodchild can also educate clients on the best techniques to prepare artwork for print runs
  • Data manipulation – Baker Goodchild are highly specialist in data manipulation, cleansing and preparation, this will greatly complement print jobs by virtue of having access to the best quality data for print personalisation, etc.


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