Highlighted Text and its Power Within Direct Mail Campaigns

We’re all familiar with the use of different font sizes, boldness and underlined text in order to draw our attention to certain sections. We’re also all more than familiar with the use of highlighters, probably most commonly from our college revision days! However, highlighted text can also have a huge impact on the success of a direct mail campaign too.

Why you should use highlighted text in direct mail campaigns

Using highlighted text in a mailshot is similar to how marketers leave the small printed text at the bottom of an ad almost too small to read. You don’t want all of the content on a piece of marketing to be the same colour and font size; readers won’t know where to look first.

Highlighted text in a mailshot instantly shows the recipient of the direct mail what the important message is in that campaign. Even if they aren’t huge fans of direct mail, when they pick it up to sort through it, which 98% of people do daily, their eyes will instantly be drawn to the highlighted section. They won’t be able to help themselves but read it.

If you can deliver a clear, snappy and succinct message within that highlighted text, you could quickly win over a customer who had planned to throw your mailshot away. Think of highlighted text as the same as how the colour red is used to signal danger; readers must know what it is you’re trying to tell them in the highlight. Natural human instinct means they’ll be interested in what you’re trying to reveal, and so the power of using highlighted text can’t be understated.

The key thing here is not to make the rest of your direct mail redundant. The trick is to deliver the most important message quick enough with highlighted text to capture their attention, and then have them read through the rest of your mailshot.

Don’t get carried away either with bold, conflicting colours. Just a light touch can make all the difference to your direct mail campaign.

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How else can you make your direct mail campaign stand out?

Using highlighted text is just one trick you can take advantage of to make your direct mail campaign stand out. Here are some other suggestions:


You don’t always have to send letters in envelopes. Consider making use of postcards that usually have pictures on them to draw a reader’s attention straight away.

Envelope optimisation

If you are using envelopes, optimise that envelope with things such as colour to deliver the biggest impact.

Eye-catching shapes

Eye-catching shapes and pop-up mailers are always a great way to grab someone’s attention.

Foil printing

Foil printing is just one of many methods used with direct mail campaigns to add something a little extra to a mailshot.

Using bakergoodchild to deliver a greater impact with your direct mail campaign

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