Pop-up direct mail can be extremely eye-catching and different to a reader

Pop-up Mailers – an Innovative Direct Mail Marketing Technique

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If you can get your potential customer to interact with and immerse themselves in your direct mail in some way, then you’ve already taken another step in convincing them to take action. Pop-up mailers are just one innovative way that you can do this.

What are pop-up mailers?

Pop-up mailers, quite simply, is pop-up, 3D mail that can be interacted with. Think of a pop-up happy birthday card that we’re all familiar with; they can be packaged flat to reduce shipping costs and to make postage easier.

Some pop-up mailers, rather than containing a pop-up inside, will require assembly before the message can be seen. While the item can be packaged flat, it will force the customer to engage with your direct mail pop-up to read your message.

We rarely receive this kind of direct mail through the door in the form of marketing, and so it is a good way of providing unique and eye-catching shapes to your reader.

What are the benefits of pop-up mailers for direct mail campaigns?

There are many benefits to using pop-up mailers for direct mail campaigns:


Firstly, there is a huge variety that you can take full advantage of when running a pop-up mailer direct marketing campaign. With various shapes, sizes, and cut-outs available, you can tailor your pop-up to suit your business.

Customer engagement

As humans, we love immersive and engaging experiences. Most of the direct mail that customers will receive will be standard letters that they must read to pick out the key information. Pop-up mailers, on the other hand, will have your customer exploring and engaging with your direct mail in new and exciting ways.

This interest, engagement and, sometimes, fun, will lead them to be one step closer towards turning this engagement towards your brand and your products too.

High response rate

The interactive nature of pop-up mail means that it has a high response rate. Pop-up mail, which falls into the category of ‘dimensional mail’, sees an average response rate of around 8.5%, while more traditional forms of direct mail have an average response rate of 4.4%.

What other innovative ways can you have customers interact with direct mail?

It’s not just pop-up mailers that you can use to have your customers engaging further with your direct mail. Other new innovative technologies have emerged on the market too, such as clickable paper, augmented reality, and direct mail that has QR and PURL codes.

Taking advantage of these innovative new methods of direct mail can help to reach your customers in new ways, allowing for a greater level of engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

Want to know more about innovative direct mail techniques?

There are dozens of ways to innovate your direct mail campaigns and market your products and services in new ways. If you are looking for more information on this topic, we would be more than happy to discuss it over the phone.



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