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Visit here regularly to view cutting-edge, thought provoking infographics relating to bakergoodchild’s fields of expertise, including direct mail, print and postage solutions. Here, we will delve into the details of our industry and cover detailed topics such as data cleansing and management, direct mail personalisation, technology integration and much more!

A collection of Infographics about direct mail, print management, bulk postage and related topics

bakergoodchild have over 22 years of experience in the direct mail and print management industry and share this knowledge fully in our comprehensive series of infographics. Pictures and images convey messages so much more easily than text, which is why infographics are an easier way to learn for many people. Learn more about our related fields with these direct mail infographics, which are backed up by facts and statistics wherever possible. We publish our infographics on a regular, ongoing basis so don’t miss out by revisiting this page often to view the latest posts from bakergoodchild.

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Bulk International Mail
Direct Marketing Delivering Organisational TransformationView
15 Applications and Uses
of Bulk International Mail
15 applications and uses of bulk international mailView
Creating The Perfect Mailshot Campaign
Creating the perfect mailshot campaignView
Avoid These Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes
Direct mail as a part of your marketing strategyView
Getting Maximum Value from Bulk Postage
Getting maximum value from bulk postageView
Direct Mail: Statistics That You Should Know
Direct mail - statistics to knowView
Improve your ROI with Direct Mail Personalisation: Useful Stats
Improve ROI with direct mailView
Cleaning up Your Act & Your Data: Essential Guide to Clean Data
Clean up your act and your dataView
10 step checklist for a successful Direct Mail campaign
Direct mail campaign checklistView
International postage facts and benefits
International postage facts and benefitsView
7 Myths of Outsourcing Print Management
7 myths of outsourcing print managementView
Direct Mail isn’t dead but it’s certainly changing
Direct mail is changing not deadView
Christmas Mailing, a super busy time of year
Christmas mailingView
Technology integration with Direct Mail in 2015
Technology integration with direct mailView
USB Web Keys integrated with Direct Mail
USB web keys integrated with direct mailView
Direct Marketing Delivering Organisational Transformation
Augmented reality integrated with direct mailView
Direct Mail combined with QR and PURL Codes
Direct mail QR and PURL codesView
Direct Mail, Google AdWords and Remarketing
Direct mail remarketing techniquesView
Keeping your Data Safe
Keeping your data safeView
The Age of Big Data
The age of big dataView
History of the postal service
Postal service historyView
Personalisation is the key
Direct mail personalisation is keyView
Post Around the World
Post around the worldView
Create Impact with Direct Mail
Creating impact with direct mailView
The history of UK stamp prices
History of UK stamp pricesView
Creating the ultimate mailshot
Creating the ultimate mailshotView
Direct Mail & Direct Marketing
Direct mail and direct marketingView
BG reflecting on 2013
Baker Goodchild reflects on 2013View
Direct Mail & Direct Marketing
Direct mail and direct marketingView