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Direct Mail Fulfilment

No matter what your direct mail fulfilment needs may be, at Baker Goodchild we have the solution. Our aim is to provide affordable mail solutions, improve response rates and reduce the stress associated with mail fulfilment needs. We can manage the process from end-to-end on your behalf or you can choose a more bespoke service that suits your requirements.

We combine experienced direct mail fulfilment teams, with the very latest software and technology to provide a can-do solution. We have invested heavily to ensure we have not only the right people but also the most advancement equipment to make each project cost effective, efficient and completed to the highest standards.

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Polywrap items
Find out how much we can save you on your poly wrap mail.
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Our expert team, with the latest technology will lower your laser personalisation cost.
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High speed automated envelope enclosing.

Mailing Fulfilment in Birmingham

Developed for quality, speed and unbeatable value our direct mail fulfilment services include:

  • High speed automated envelope enclosing
  • High speed automated polywrapping / polyprocessing
  • High speed automated folding
  • Hand Fulfilment for non machinable items
  • Collation
  • Matching multiple personalised documents
  • Contract packing / packaging
  • Labelling
  • Pick and Pack

Our investment in the latest technology means that we provide a fast service that doesn’t compromise on quality. We can currently handle up to 200,000 poly wrapped items, personalise items and insert 200,000 enveloped mail pieces, per day. Our fast turnaround capacity, exceeds that of any other mailing house in Birmingham, which is why we are a direct mail fulfilment market leader.

Fast, Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly Mail Fulfilment Services

Are you looking for a fast turnaround? At Baker Goodchild we have years of experience in fast campaign turn around and even better, we can offer you our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your campaigns are delivered on time, every time. We have everything you could ever need including a dedicated hand fulfilment team for items that cannot be machine fulfilled, including multiple matching and pick and pack fulfilment.

Our environmental commitment

As part of our continued commitment to the environment we offer a range of environmentally-friendly mailing fulfilment solutions. This includes the use of vegetable-based inks, recycled material or material from renewable sources, together with biodegradable envelopes and environmentally friendly poly-wrapping. You can rest easy that you're not damaging the environment when you choose Baker Goodchild.

Bulk Postage Discounts

At the final stage of our direct mail fulfilment service, we use our extensive knowledge of UK and overseas postage procurement to ensure you receive the best value postage rates, without compromising on quality or delivery dates.

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What Our Customers Think

"We've used Baker Goodchild for 3 years now, and we've had absolutely no problems when sending out our mailing. They ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish."

Major Entertainment Venue,

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