High Volume Bulk Mail

High volume bulk mail…

with low volume stress.

High volume mailing

Bakergoodchild has the direct mail capacity to manage your bulk mailing requirements. The high-volume bulk mail can be anything from 10,000 to over 1,000,000 items, for which we can provide any combination of print, mail fulfilment and postage services. We can mail your items to anywhere in the world and provide a step by step consultation on how to improve the quality and efficiency of your direct mail campaign. Being a mailing house, we can give you wholesale pricing on postage and save you money off your bulk mailing requirements to the UK or internationally.

How can we help your high-volume bulk mail campaign?


Save resource and time by letting bakergoodchild manage your mailing campaign for you, with capacity in house to deal with simple postcards, letters and envelopes to complicated fulfilment mailing jobs


Instead of managing seperate printers, we can provide the latest printing options and look after your mailing and postage under one roof


Get expert guidance on data management, printing and fulfilment from our onsite experts


We can save you money on high volume bulk mail postage to anywhere in the world


Using the latest technology for print and mail fulfilment, we can provide you with quick turnaround times on high volume bulk mailing items, without compromising on quality


Over a decade’s worth of experience in direct mail and modern facilities, we are setup to provide you with complete high-volume bulk mail management


Bakergoodchild can provide green eco-friendly mailing options, taking advantage of related postal discounts where available


We can provide a potato-starched based polywrap, which is 100% compostable and is an ideal replacement for the plastic-based wrap


You will be looked after by a dedicated account management team, ready to manage your campaign and making sure your job has support throughout the year

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the services we provide

High volume personalized mailing

We have a dedicated team to provide data management services, to make sure your data is clean and correct

Help you to reduce returned mail and increase your success rate

We are fully GDPR compliant

Working closely with GDPR expert ‘DMA’, we can also provide you with relevant advice

High quality, high speed printing

Dedicated team to manage your printing requirements

Latest digital printing technology to provide you with high quality printing with quick turnaround times

Digital capability to provide direct mail personalization

Mail fulfilment

We have the capacity and technology to provide high speed fulfilment, which can get through high volume jobs within a day

High volume mailing support is ready and can turn campaigns around in 24 hours

Our mail fulfilment services can save you time, resource and money on bulk mailing, letting you get on with other important responsibilities

Our kern 3500 high speed mailing system can handle over 52800 sheets per hour and enclose DL and C5 envelopes at a speed of 22000 c/h

We use high speed polywrap machines, that can use compostable potato starch wrap and take care of multiple sized items

UK & International Postage

As a mailing house we can provide you with postage at wholesale prives

Save cost and the hassle of using your in-house franking machine for bulk mailing

Provide significant postage savings on high volume domestic & international mailing


We can deliver your direct mail campaign anywhere in the world, using a network of professional partners

Our partner network provides us with the capacity to handle multiple jobs all year round securely

Bakergoodchild is your complete direct mail management company, that can handle high volume mailing campaigns. Already working with businesses across multiple sectors, we understand your requirements and can provide the expertise to deliver your high volume direct mail without any stress and on time.



Royal Mail Accreditation


DMA Association

ISO9001 Mailing House | bakergoodchild

ISO14001 Mailing House | bakergoodchild

ISO18001 Mailing House | bakergoodchild

ISO 27001 Mailing House

Mailing House Direct Mail MCA

Enterprise Catalyst

Mailing House Direct Mail MCA

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