Data Into Insight

Turning Data into Insight with Data Management

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It’s all very well and good collecting marketing data but without efficient data management processes in place, you will struggle to gain any value from it.

Yes, in order to turn data into insight and action, you need to be able to analyse, process, present and manage your data effectively.

Identify what you’re looking for

Data is irrelevant until you can identify what it is you are looking for. Before attempting to analyse data and gain insight from it, you need to have a set list of things you are looking to find within the data and know why they matter to you.

Organise your data

It’s also extremely important to keep your data well organised. If your data is inaccurate, has parts missing or is incorrect, you are going to struggle to draw true insight from it and will not be able to use it to determine the action your company needs to make.

If you find that upon cleansing your data that there is information missing, then you will need to take action to fill in the gaps. You can’t draw insight and turn it into action, unless you have all of the data you need to create a full picture.

Analyse your data

Once your data is well organised and you know what it is you are looking for, you will be able to begin analysing your data. This will require skill and may be improved with the use of data analytics software.

Visualise your data

One of the best ways to present data is to visualise it. By creating visuals to go alongside your data, you will find it much easier to share your findings with others and draw insight from them. Infographics are a fantastic form of data visualisation and something we use ourselves here at Baker Goodchild.

Use your data to gain insight and take action

The final step is to draw insight from your data visualisations and use it to make decisions and take action. For example, the data you have collected may suggest that you are targeting two different audiences with your marketing materials. This insight may lead you to segmenting your direct mail list, so that you can provide more relevant content to your customers, which should in turn lead to higher conversions.

Here at Baker Goodchild, we specialise in data management and are the perfect team to help you turn your data into insight and action. Get in touch for more information about our services.

Image Credit: Deborah Gray