Statement on Coronavirus preparations and precautions

As a company, we are working hard to minimise any potential impact the virus may have on the day to day running of the business. The health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors is our top priority.

We are currently sourcing hand sanitizers to locate around the building and have embarked upon a campaign of staff education and awareness on standard personal preventative measures, e.g. personal hygiene, frequency of use of sanitising/disinfection products, etc.

We work alongside many businesses in the UK, including yourselves, who are trying to do the best that they can and we have close relationships with our outsourcing partners for DR purposes. We naturally cannot predict the future, and all of our activities are purely in place as a precaution. We are still very much open for business as usual, and your account management team are on hand to help you with any requirements.

We are installing technologies to allow more staff to work from home should this be necessary, such as having remote access to the telephone system, computer access, video and voice conferencing and all the equipment required to work remotely, within our ISO 27001 and GDPR policies.

We are following the guidelines set by Government, World Health Organisation and Public Health England and the various relevant local governmental bodies, but it continues to be a fast moving situation. If the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local/national UK authorities advice changes, our position will change.


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