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Saving money on your print with Baker Goodchild

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In our series of articles about printing we felt an important topic was how to save money off the cost of print.

So we explore this whole topic in this article, from discussing what constitutes the true cost as well as many cost saving techniques available when working with Baker Goodchild.

Need to calculate the true cost of internal printing

First of all before an organisation can calculate savings on print, the true base costs need to be calculated. Many organisations don’t factor the true/full costs in to cost comparisons; here are factors where the current cost of print may not be appreciated:

    • Interest losses – Interest payable on cash tied up in stock
    • Staff management timeManaging print internally takes considerable staff time, which would be saved if print was outsourced. Example of staff resource costs include print sourcing, print contracts and negotiations, running the print, fulfilment and distribution processes
    • Waste and scrap – Costs of process wastage, scrap and obsolete stock write-off
    • Investments in:

– Printer hardware: The cost of printers can be expensive for an organisation
– Supporting technologies and software: These need to be bought to make the most out of printing in an organisation

  • Energy and power costs – Printers consume electricity, which is avoided through outsourcing

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Ways to save money with Baker Goodchild

Here are some ways to save money by outsourcing your print to Baker Goodchild:

Print strategy – Baker Goodchild can help clients to formulate a print strategy. This exercise will examine the overall print spend and identify potential savings areas. This can be achieved in a number of ways which are investigated further below

    • Bulk buying power – Baker Goodchild have considerable bulk buying power, which is summarised below:

– Baker Goodchild’s approach to pooling buying power of many customers to negotiate better deals is not new; this approach is frequently used in print procurement. The price available to a buyer like Baker Goodchild is far lower than the price to an individual organisation would be
– Baker Goodchild are responsible for managing sizable print volumes every day, we manage from 1,000+ units per order, with some orders being for one million+ units. We are direct mail specialists and can manage very large campaigns
– Our large print volumes mean we can negotiate keen prices with a range of print suppliers. What’s more these suppliers will be hand-picked to meet the precise needs for a given print job

  • Deadline management – Time is money – or so the saying goes! Missing deadlines can be costly; Baker Goodchild can manage this process on an organisations behalf and have more leverage with printers. Also as deadlines slip, costs tend to rise, staff and customers get disappointed, etc. Baker Goodchild will seamlessly manage deadlines for organisations to their benefit. In addition, by liaising with printers we may be able to reduce prices by fitting in print runs in their quite periods where they want to sell capacity
  • Specification changes – Changes to the specifications of a job will impact its price. Why pay for colour – when black and white is fine? Why pay for glossy paper when you don’t need it? Etc. Baker Goodchild work with the organisation to ensure they pay for what they need and no more, by reducing print complexity prices can significantly reduce.

Final thoughts – why outsource to Baker Goodchild?

It’s not all about the cost of course, but saving money certainly helps! Here at Baker Goodchild we work to meet your requirements. We work with printers who work 24×7; we deliver well in excess of twenty million items every year on behalf of a broad range of clients. Whatever your needs, a tight deadline, extra high quality, etc. we can deliver to your requirements. We consistently save our clients typically between 20% – 30% off their previous bill when outsourcing their work to us.

Save money with Baker Goodchild

Baker Goodchild has been saving money on print for over 23 years and we can do the same for your business too. For practical, honest advice from a hard-working, conscientious business call us now on 0800 612 1972 or fill in our contact form to start discussions.

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