Direct Mailing Services for Local Authorities

Are you a local authority looking for more information on direct mailing services? bakergoodchild, one of the UK’s leading mailing houses, is here to help!

What are direct mailing services?

Direct mail is any marketing mail that you send to a customer, or potential customer. It’s another useful tactic that marketers and businesses can use to expand their company, grow their brand, and reach new people. Its proven high ROI makes direct mailing services a key component for the success of many campaigns.

However, it’s not only used for monetary purposes. Many businesses or agencies, such as local authorities, use direct mail to inform or warn their citizens or to have them take action on a particular issue.

What direct mailing services can bakergoodchild provide?

There are four main ways that we help to assist local authorities with their direct mailing services:

1)    Preparation

We help local authorities to plan and prepare for their campaign. Some local authorities are already fully set for how they want their campaign to look, others are looking for advice and recommendations. We’ve helped dozens of local authorities with direct mailing campaigns over the years, and take this knowledge into each new campaign.

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2)    Personalisation

This is part of the preparation process but deserves its own section. One aspect that makes direct mailing services so effective is personalisation, and we’ve learned all the techniques over the years!

From using different colours, to varying text, we use methods such as variable data printing to ensure the maximum effect is delivered to your recipient.

3)    Printing and packaging

Technically two different parts of the process, but part of our direct mailing service is that we can bulk print your mail, and then package it however you wish too. Bulk printing means that it delivers a much more cost effective solution for your local authority, and leaving the packaging to us saves you a great deal of time too!

4)    Fulfilment

The final stage of the process is fulfilment. We have strong relationships with mailing providers all over the world, meaning we can make use of the most competitive rates and the fastest delivery times.

Whatever your reasons for needing to send our direct mail around your local area, we’ll ensure your residents and citizens get the mail they need to on-time, no stress.

More about bakergoodchild

bakergoodchild was established in 1995 with the aim of helping to make direct mailing services more efficient and effective. We serve many different industries and sectors, and local authorities are just one of the areas where we offer our expert knowledge and advice.

We’ve mailed over 11 million items saving businesses and local authorities over £2 million in postal costs. Not only do we have the experience to back up what we say, but we have the results too! If you are a local authority and you’re looking for expert direct mailing services, then you’ve come to the right place. You can find all of our relevant contact details listed here.


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