Cut International Postage Costs

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Cut the Costs of International Postage

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Are you looking to drive down the cost of international postage? Check out our seven tips to reduce costs below!

Downsize your mail

Does your direct mail really need to be so big? Often you’ll find that postcard-sized direct mail generates a higher response rate than larger pieces, as customers prefer to get the information they need in short snippets. The smaller the mail size, the cheaper it is to send internationally, so this is something you definitely need to consider when designing your direct mail.

Keep it light

Remember that the heavier your mailings are, the more expensive they will be to send overseas. With this in mind, you need to carefully consider the paper or card you are printing on. It’s still possible to choose quality materials that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to post abroad.

Shop around

Although you may be used to sending your mailings and parcels using Royal Mail, it isn’t the only carrier. Shop around and find out how much other couriers are charging for their international postage services. You may be able to cut your international postage costs considerably.


Providing you’ve done your research, you may have grounds to haggle with a courier that really wants your business. If you can provide them with the volume of mailings you will be conducting through them each month, they may be more inclined to give you a discount for their international postage services.

Send items together

If you are planning on sending multiple mailings or parcels abroad then you are better off posting them together. Many couriers offer discounts to customers that are willing to post in bulk.

Use your carriers packaging

Do you often find that you have to pay extra fees for the items you are sending internationally? This is likely down to the size or weight of your packaging. If it doesn’t comply with the carrier’s guidelines, then you are likely going to incur a surcharge. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to stick to the guidelines or alternatively, use your carriers packaging.

Use a mailing house

One of the easiest ways to cut the cost of international postage is to use a mailing house like Baker Goodchild. We buy international postage in bulk at wholesale rates and then pass the savings we make onto our clients. Providing your mailing items fit into our C5 envelopes and weigh less than 100g, we can provide you with complete mailing services at just 40p per item. Get in touch for more info!

Read enough? Why not contact us here at Baker Goodchild, we are international postage experts, let’s see how much we can save your business!

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