Creative & Brand Management

Every communication you send to a customer is an opportunity to engage with them, to connect with them, to drive a response.

Creativity is essential to communicating with impact and we are experts in the nuances of direct mail; the small details that can make all the difference when you’re looking to drive a response. But it’s not just about creative design looking great. It is about understanding how a customer will hold the mailer and how they first see it when it arrives on their doormat, where the eye first looks. We craft and present your message and communications in a way that makes sense to your audience, in a way that is easy to digest and understand.

We design it so key information like Calls To Action stand out in the right way and we always have your end objective in mind.

We work in close partnership with you to understand your message and your goals, making the process of creating your communications, from initial concept to final delivery, a stress-free, collaborative experience. And what we deliver are creative campaigns that offer demonstratable return on investment for your business.

What do we mean by creative services?

By creative services we mean all forms of design, marketing and promotion across all offline and online channels. It’s all about translating your vision and message into something creative and compelling – this could be in the form of big data infographics or as simple as a well-crafted headline and compelling Call to Action.

The beauty of working with bakergoodchild is that we understand customers and we use that expertise and experience to create designs and formats that have an impact.

Direct Mail Copywriting Services

Great content is more than just words – it a mix of meaningful designs, engaging content and compelling calls to action. With direct mail copywriting the goal is to get a direct response from the reader as soon as they have digested your words. An immediate action, like:

  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Following you on social media

To do this, you have to craft copy that resonates with the audience, something that addresses their pain points or immediate needs; an attention grabbing headline, words that persuade and convince, an irresistible Call to Action – these are all the key ingredients to getting the most out of your direct mail campaigns.

Information Design Services

Print allows you to produce exciting and creative direct mail, but it also allows you to target to specific audiences in specific situations to drive a specific action. Information design is all about the UX of a design – presenting information in a way that makes it easily understood, helping people to grasp complex information quickly and easily by simplifying how it is presented. It is about effective graphic design, making sure your documents can be easily understood, particularly when there is increased scrutiny and expectations surrounding the clarity of financial productions and services.

The aim is to increase understanding and to reduce calls that would typically come from customers who are confused about what they are seeing.

Brand Management

At bakergoodchild we make it really easy for you to retain control of your brand when you have multiple users, sites or franchises needing branded materials. Our online Digital Asset Management system (sometimes referred to as web2print or remote publishing) allows you to make templates and other branded materials available for editing, approval and print – enabling you to save both time and money on printing popular stationery/marcomms material. A specially designed online portal stores all your marketing assets such as literature and posters, and, when a reprint is needed, your staff simply order them direct.

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