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Why Direct Mail Marketing is Still Important in The Digital Age

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Although we live in a digital world full of technology; there is still a place for traditional forms of advertising, like our old favourite direct marketing.

Whilst brands are moving towards using Social Media and E-Mail marketing to engage with customers, it is important not to forget the benefits of direct mail. Even with all of the different types of marketing available to utilise today, direct mail still remains one of the cheapest and most effective of all and here we will explain why.

More likely to be opened

Whilst marketing E-Mail’s are quick and cheap to produce, many of them either remain unopened in users’ inboxes or are automatically filtered into their spam or junk folders. A great aspect of direct mail is that it is much more likely to be opened and therefore gives brands a better chance at increasing their conversion rates

Providing you choose a good envelope design and personalise it with the recipient’s name and address, there is little chance of it going unopened. Pack the direct mail with engaging and informative content in a concise and easy-to-read format and you stand the best chance of inspiring the recipient to complete the call to action. This may be anything from using a discount coupon to buy your product or registering for a free trial of your service.

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Suitable for a wide range of campaigns

Another benefit of direct mail marketing is that it is extremely flexible and therefore suitable for a wide range of campaigns. Say for instance you had just set up a new company and wanted to tell people about it. You could set up a direct mail campaign that distributes discount coupons to your target audience to introduce them to your brand and entice them to buy your products.

Direct mail isn’t just suitable for short-term marketing boosts, but long-term initiatives too. For example, it can be used to re-engage customers with regular newsletters or gain valuable feedback with surveys and questionnaires. When creating a direct mail marketing campaign, the possibilities are endless!

Easy to Track Results

Although there is a wide range of software available to track your online marketing efforts; it can get a little confusing as to where your customers have come from if you have multiple marketing campaigns running simultaneously. The great thing about using a direct mail campaign is that it will allow you to track results efficiently.

The way to do this is to include unique offer codes in the letters you send out. That way, if you get a sale online or in-store and the discount code is used, you will know that it came as a result of your direct mail marketing campaign.

Integrates Well With Online Campaigns

There’s no denying that digital marketing is a huge part of the business world today, but as we said before, Direct Mail marketing should not be forgotten. Fusing your online and offline marketing strategies is the best way to target a wide base of customers and achieve higher conversion rates.

Direct mail marketing integrates well with online marketing campaigns as it serves as a reminder to prospective customers. Today you can also include QR codes in your Direct mail letters so that customers can simply use their phones to scan the code and be taken straight to your website. This seamlessly integrates the offline and online experience with your company.


Although digital media is most certainly here to stay, Direct Mail marketing is still delivering valuable benefits to companies of all sizes in the UK. If you are currently looking to give your marketing strategy a boost, Direct Mail may be just the solution you’re looking for.

Direct Mail is as important as ever – we are sure you will agree. Why not talk to us about your campaign ideas? We welcome your call on 0800 612 1972.

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