What is print management and how can it help your business

What is print management and how can it help your business?

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For many organisations using a print management service can help them save money, improve the effectiveness of their marketing and ensure people within the organisation are working most effectively.

Print is an often complicated and confusing area and there are professionals who will use their experience within the sector to help make life easier as well as help ensure every printed item will have an impact on the business.

What is print management?

A print management service will quite simply manage the print of your brochures, leaflets, mailshots and marketing material. The process can start right at the initial design stages. Initial advice on the size, format and paper weight will help ensure you are being most cost-effective. For example Royal Mail charge different rates for Letter and Large Letter sized mail and choosing the right format will help you save on postal charges. When it comes to the look and feel of the printed item, a print management specialist will help you achieve the exact look you want but will also be able to advice when the look is not achievable, particularly in relation to the budget you wish to spend.

If you think printing can be complicated, paper is a whole world of specialist terms, formats and types. Spot UV anyone? Laminates, glosses, foil blocking? Coated paper, unbleached, recycled? 100gsm, 150gsm, 225gsm – could you tell the difference? These are just the tip of the paper iceberg but choosing the right combination of weights, finishes and paper type will have a dramatic effect on the end product – which will of course affect sales and brand perception. But all of this will have an impact on cost, of course.

Benefits of a print management service

While your print management specialist is advising on the look and feel of the item, they will also be saving you money on your printing costs and this is perhaps the greatest benefit to your business. A print manager will be able to use their experience, contacts and knowledge of how the print sector works to secure the best price for you. It is likely they could potentially deliver a large volume of business to a printer so they will negotiate bulk buying discounts even if your own print run is relatively small. They will understand the cycles within the print sector, understanding when printers have spare capacity or unused machinery.

The print manager will also look at the processes to see if they can save money. Sometimes actually increasing a print run can reduce the per unit cost; changing the size of the brochure can also help reduce costs.

Hassle free print

Perhaps the most intangible but no less important benefit of print management is the stress that it takes away. You’ll know your print is in safe hands and the print manager will see the process through from delivery of artwork at the printers to delivery of the print into storage. They will help you check proofs and ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction. While they are doing this, you can continue with other tasks with complete peace of mind.

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