Green Friendly Direct Mail with bakergoodchild

What initiatives can be taken to improve the green credentials of our mailing campaign with bakergoodchild?

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In a world where consumers are increasingly expecting companies to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible, it’s important that green-friendly concepts are applied in all areas of business practice. Mailing campaigns are included in this, and initiatives such as recycling, less paper wastage and trying to be as chemical-free as possible can all play a part.

Easy green-friendly ideas

Green friendliness must be integrated into a print project from the outset, and businesses should be able to prove their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. All unwanted recycling waste should be dealt with by a business accredited with the Environment Agency.

Waste would likely include leftover leaflets, posters, publications etc. It’s also a good idea to retain proof of recycling to show best green practices have been adopted.

Below are some handy practical steps any marketing team can follow to make printing more environmentally-friendly. All source materials must be:

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It’s all relative

As printed direct mail by its very nature involves the use of ink and paper, it’s very difficult to be entirely environmentally friendly. Add the fact that direct mail needs to be transported by road and perhaps air, the carbon footprint can be clear to see. However, direct mail is still very green-friendly compared to other daily activities such as long-haul flying or driving a car. Plus, as people are so much more environmentally aware nowadays, a very large proportion is recycled after use anyway.

Improving green-friendliness through data cleansing

It’s easy to believe that being more environmentally friendly is likely to cost you money, at least in the short term – but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are plenty of small changes you can make during the production process of your direct marketing campaign which can save money as well as being green friendly.

A particularly effective way of being extra green when it comes to direct mail is to cleanse your data at regular intervals. In doing this, you will help to make sure that:

  • You don’t waste resources in mailing people who no longer live at a property or who are deceased
  • You don’t have an abundance of duplicate records
  • You don’t send out mail that can’t be delivered due to a spelling error in the address

By getting these basics right, you make sure that the direct mail you send out is tailor-made and targeted to get maximum benefit on the resources you use.

Contacting bakergoodchild

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