Summer sales with direct mail

Using Direct Mail to Boost Summer Sales

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It’s a well-known fact that generally sales slowdown during the summer season. Savvy shoppers make use of discounts before or after the summer months, and with schools being out and many away on vacation, shopping normally takes a bit of a back seat!

However, there are plenty of ways that you can help to boost summer sales, and direct mail is one of them.

Benefits of summer shopping

There are some benefits to the summer season for those that want to shop. With longer daylight hours, and some businesses opening their doors longer, there is plenty more time for consumers to hit the shops.

Alongside this, it’s been suggested before that sunshine makes people happier and more positive, and will, therefore, be more receptive to shopping, deals and marketing.

It’s also important to note, that it’s always a different season somewhere in the world! While the UK may notice a slowdown in sales during the summer months, there is no reason that you can’t use direct mail to target an international audience.

A study by Global Online Shopping Study by Pitney Bowes found that many shoppers now prefer to shop cross-border, with places like Australia (78%), Singapore (77%) and Hong Kong (70%) agreeing with this. Make use of some of these opportunities, such as with direct mail services to Europe.

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Innovative ways to use direct mail during this season

So, if you are planning on sending mailshots during the summer, how can you get inventive and boost sales? Here are some tips below.

Free samples

Consider including free samples of your products in your direct mail. It was found that this can be a highly influential way of getting customers to purchase products or services. In fact, some companies found that it was a more powerful tactic than traditional advertising methods.

Alongside this, think about adding coupons, vouchers, early bird sales or discount codes (insert URL for new blog article here) into your direct mail too. If you aren’t able to give away free products, consumers still love a deal; and items such as these can be a good way of convincing them to spend.

Correlate with summer events

Are there any local summer activities or events taking place which you can involve yourself in? Partnering up with the event organisers and having your name featured on the direct mail, or sending out your own direct mail advertising the event, can be a great way to turn awareness to your brand during the summer. Perhaps even consider hosting your own summer event!

Multi-sensory stimulation

Think about appealing to a consumer’s other senses with summer-themed touches, smells and tastes. Perhaps you have products that are perfect for these sunnier, hotter months, and a multi-sensory approach can be a great way of appealing to them!

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