UK stamp prices rise on March 26th 2018

UK Stamp Prices Rise, March 26th 2018

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UK stamp prices are set to rise yet again from 26th March 2018. These price changes seem to usually take place around this time, just before Easter. In April 2014, postage stamp prices were hiked up with the cost of a first class stamp rising to 62p. The latest price hike comes at a time when many UK families are already beleaguered with the rising cost of living, including energy price hikes, council tax increases and increases in the cost of rail fares.

Price rises above UK inflation rate

Normally, increases in the price of goods and services across the world go hand in hand with rising inflation. But, interestingly, the rate of UK inflation has fallen to 2.7% in February 2018, down from 3% in the previous month. So, inflation doesn’t seem to be the reason for this latest move. In fact, the new prices to be introduced from 26th March have pushed postage prices of first and second class stamps up by 3.1% and 3.4%, respectively. This is actually higher than the current rate of inflation in the country, which is surprising.

However, Royal Mail has issued a statement that says that they are indeed aware of the predicament of average families across the UK and that the decision was not taken lightly. While the company did not elaborate on why the current price rise bucks the rate of inflation, they simply said that it was required to ensure the sustainability of their service and that even at the higher prices, the company continues to deliver great value, compared to other nations in Europe.

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Postage price increases over the years

We have looked back, at stamp price comparisons in order to understand what the prices have looked like historically over the years. This brings up some interesting revelations. Indeed, 20 years ago, the price of a UK first class stamp was 24p. When we compare the prices ten years prior to that, it was 12p. So, UK postage prices jumped up 100% in ten years. But then in the following ten years, it only went up from 24p to 28p. With the current price increases, a first class stamp for large letters will rise to more than a pound at 101p, while its second class equivalent will cost 79p. First and second class stamps will be priced at 67p and 58p, respectively.

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