UK Election Mailings 2017

Following PM Theresa May’s recent announcement the UK is set for a “snap” general election on 8th June, 2017. We thought it was, therefore, timely to discuss aspects of electoral mail and the services we can provide here at bakergoodchild.

Examples of electoral mail which could be sent

In our Birmingham Mailing House we can create your election mailings from concept to completion working with design, printing (with automation such as folding and enclosing) and final mailings. The following are all examples of electoral mail which we could print and mail:

  • Election materials – All election materials which can be printed and posted we can provide. In most cases these will be sent within the UK to voters, the press and other interested parties. We can also mail internationally to ex-pats and other interested foreign parties as well.
  • Election newsletters – At election times, political parties and related organisations usually send out newsletters detailing the key topics, issues affecting the nation, the region and/or the constituency
  • Information leaflets – We can print and mail information leaflets about the election and send to a database list you provide
  • Party manifestos – We can bulk mail party manifestos and other related important articles relating to the forthcoming election

Candidate free mailing to every eligible elector

To “oil the wheels” of the election process every candidate, both the resident MP and competing candidates are entitled to one free of charge posting (the stamp/postage is free).  Contact bakergoodchild today to discuss how we could provide this for your campaign.

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Time is of the essence – we provide fast turnaround!

When running an election campaign there is obviously a fixed deadline and we recognise that, so time is literally of the essence! Our in-house team will agree timescales with you and we will ensure your project is completed within these timescales.

Artwork checks

We can provide checks for your artwork to ensure it is legally compliant, free of errors and inaccuracies; that it can seamlessly be printed from the format provided and also that it contains no inappropriate content (e.g. obscenities and/or offensive language).

Bulk postage cost savings for election mailings

A particularly attractive reason to work with bakergoodchild on your electoral mailings campaign is the savings we can make on postage costs. We have worked hard over the years in agreeing contracts with major carriers and can pass discounts to you, which are far cheaper than buying directly. We can save your organisation substantial savings on the overall postage costs and could also provide postal consultancy for areas such as weight and size, which is implemented incorrectly can inflate costs too.

These savings are available for local constituency, national and international mailings alike.

As standard we also pass all data supplied through verification software, which not only checks for grammar/spelling areas but also removes duplicates, goneaways and deceased records.

Let bakergoodchild help with your UK election mail in 2017

As a Company, bakergoodchild are a leading supplier of both UK as well as international mailing services. From our Birmingham base, we are centrally located and have a complete print, mail and postage infrastructure to deliver all of your election mailing requirements for the forthcoming elections.

We have delivered numerous electoral mail campaigns in the past for MP’s and political parties, the knowledge we have gained will be available and to the benefit of your project.

We can provide a complete A-Z turnkey solution for your electoral mailing or just the parts which you need. Functional areas we can support include project management, design, general support all with the help of a dedicated Account Manager. Delivery of print materials, a direct mail campaign and saving money on postage costs are all a part of the service too!

The election was a surprise but bakergoodchild are prepared!

The calling of a snap UK election by Theresa May came as a surprise to many, but have no worries here at bakergoodchild we are ready and have an infrastructure to deliver your election mailing materials in rapid time!

British Prime Minister, Theresa May called a surprise snap election for 8th June, 2017

British Prime Minister, Theresa May called a surprise snap election for 8th June, 2017

Contacting bakergoodchild

If having read this article you would like to find out more about our UK election mailing services simply call our election mail experts today on 0800 612 1972 and we will be delighted to progress your enquiry.

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Image Credits: Steve Hughes and Anthony Fulton

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