How prepared is your business for any disasters which may arise?

Transactional Mail Business Continuity

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As we have previously explored, transactional mail isn’t going to be the thing that expands your business into new reaches and brings in new business or money. However, without transactional mail, there is no doubt that a business wouldn’t be able to survive. Below we have explored how transactional mail is essential for business continuity.

What is business continuity?

Business continuity is a measure of a business’ resilience and its ability to adapt and handle any disaster situations which may arise. It’s about identifying key business operations, having strategies in place that work whatever the weather, and a crisis action plan, should that need arise.

Business continuity is something that needs to be considered before a crisis happens (e.g. loss of data), as any time after will obviously be too late! This is a process known as business continuity management. So how can transactional mail aid your business’ continuity?

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Using transactional mail to improve operational efficiency

Transactional mail isn’t primarily a marketing tool, although you can add in hints of marketing with various personalisation techniques. The primary function of transactional mail is for operational reasons, and utilising it in the proper way will help keep the wheels of your business turning nicely.

It’s about sending out the invoices on time and to the right people. It’s about confirming recent orders with customers or upcoming appointments. It’s about sending out regulatory letters, collection notices or recent changes to agreements.

These aren’t exactly the most exciting parts of your business, but they are absolutely crucial in keeping your operation running smoothly. By keeping customers informed of the latest news, by keeping all of your money coming in and paying the bills, and by making sure that all other operations remain flowing in one direction, you are helping to avert any disasters that your business may suffer.

Managing transactional mail in the event of a disaster

There may come a time when your business faces a disaster, whether that is through an internal problem or an external one. More and more companies are now relying on electronic data to keep their businesses running, but if this crashes, which it has done in the past, what safety guards do you have in place to ensure that things can carry on running smoothly?

When clients lose access to services, transactional mail is the perfect way to ensure that the necessary information can be sent out to all customers, invoices can be collected, and business can run almost as normal.

By outsourcing your transactional print and mail services to a mailing house such as us here at bakergoodchild, we can step in when you face an imminent disaster. Most businesses are too concerned with the day-to-day operations and business expansion to properly plan for a disaster, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

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