Tips for integrating digital and traditional marketing

Tips for integrating digital and traditional marketing

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You can spend lots of money on advice on how to integrate your traditional marketing with new digital marketing channels. We can only scratch the surface but for SMEs and smaller companies new to integrated marketing here are a few tips.

1. Integrate at the planning stage

Thinking about both traditional and digital at the campaign concept stage: how will each area help you achieve your overall campaign aims? What strengths can be utilised in each channel? Ensure printed items, advertising and mailshots carry information about digital channels, develop consistent language across the media, use hashtags on printed items and Direct Mail, not just on your Tweets and Facebook posts.

2. Create a unified look

It’s really easy to update Facebook cover and Twitter pages etc, so make sure these reflect the overall look and feel of a campaign, so that respondents looking online can see that they have arrived at the right place. Create landing pages that reflect the look of your printed campaigns and that use the same wording of the offering.

3. Mind your language

Too many companies fail to see the connection between terms used to improve their search engine results and the copy used in brochures, mailshots, etc, but potential customers will use this wording when looking online. As an example, don’t refer to ‘luxury Italian leather sofa’ in the marketing but use ‘large brown settee’ for SEO purposes, because there is an obvious disconnect.

4. Build on your success

Digital is a much more immediate medium than traditional marketing channels, so it is an ideal way to build on the success of your traditional marketing – such as adding case studies, using real life stories, adding extra offers or promotions to your initial campaign. Use digital to build and add to the response you are achieving with the rest of the campaign.

5. Create compelling joined up content

The success of the campaign will always depend on the content, so whatever you do, make sure the content is unique, compelling and something that is likely to be shared.

6. Don’t fail to measure

You can use digital technology to measure the success of traditional marketing and you can use traditional methods to measure the impact of digital campaigns. Using unique URLs for brochures, ads etc is an obvious method, and campaign tagging is a really effective way to mine valuable data from all channels used. But you can also use qualitative research to find out much more detailed responses to the campaign.

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