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Terms and conditions are an important legal document for any organisation. Stating the ways in which an organisation is willing to conduct business with customers it is essential that this key document is received by customers. Probably one of the very first legal documents an organisation produces, we discuss here its importance as well as managing the mailing of terms and conditions.

We are calling this document “terms and conditions” throughout this article. There are other ways this can be worded, these include “terms of service”, “user agreement” and “terms of use”, these are just three other ways of alternatively saying “terms and conditions”.

Reasons terms and conditions are needed

There are numerous reasons why terms and conditions are needed, we summarise some of these below:

  • Aid in CRM (customer relationship management) – terms and conditions shouldn’t be in place just to protect the organisation, but also the customer too, they should be win:win in nature. The terms and conditions are a useful opportunity to precisely record customer’s rights in areas such as dispute resolution, insurance, defective products/services, complaints, etc.
  • All terms covered – well-written terms and conditions will fully protect an organisation’s interest. Off the shelf/boiler plate T&C’s will cover the more obvious clauses, but not less obvious and more nuance areas within the organisation, which could be very important to have covered
  • Creates legal certainty – terms and conditions prove there was an intention to enter into legal relations and documents exactly what is expected. Written T&C’s are easier to interpret to a court than other contract types such as verbal, letters and email exchange as they are written with a legal tone, which is enforceable
  • Eases legal enforcement – If (regrettably) later down the line a contract is breached (e.g. non-payment) it is always easier to proceed to court with written terms and conditions
  • Legal compliance – this varies by industry, but there will be legal reasons why a terms and conditions are needed (seek a lawyer for advice). This is particularly the case for eCommerce transactions
  • Matching of expectations, preciseness and specificity – it is important to state with a customer (particularly when new) what the expectations are. This could relate to timescales or product/service specifications, etc. The more precise the terms and conditions are the less issues there are likely to be later
  • Reduces probability of court action – from both sides point of view, terms and conditions spell out the “obvious”. Both the organisation and customer can review to the document in the case of a dispute and many times this will eliminate court action as one side will see that going to court is futile as this is covered in the T&C’s!

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Managing both new and revised terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are a classic example of transactional mail:

  • New terms and conditions – Where a new relationship is entered into a standard part of the process would be the automatic issuance of T&C’s
  • Revised terms and conditions – From time to time terms and conditions will be revised, in this situation, the revised version can be sent to all active customers

Terms and conditions printing, mailing and postage services

Mailing houses like bakergoodchild can manage the entire terms and conditions mailing process on behalf of customers.


The entire print process can easily be managed through a variety of heavy-duty printers which can print terms and conditions as required. A template can be used for the main body of the document, with variable data printing used for information which varies by customer (whether this is text or images).


The mail fulfilment process can be managed start to finish. This includes taking the print, folding, enclosing, etc. and ensuring the terms and conditions are ready to be mailed. Mailing houses like bakergoodchild will ensure that all mail is checked for accuracy of data leading to less typos and higher mailing rates by removal of duplicates and goneaways, etc.

Post and distribution

Over the years bakergoodchild have built up many relationships with postal carriers and can offer local, UK-wide and international postage services. Let us mail your terms and conditions anywhere in the world whilst saving substantial sums off your postage, call us today for details.

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Here at bakergoodchild, we are specialists in the printing, mailing and postage/distribution of terms and conditions on behalf of many customers. Why not call us on 0800 612 1972 or complete our contact details form to commence discussions and to see how we can help your organisation.

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