Direct Mail Survey Results

Survey Reveals Public View of Direct Mail is Improving

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Data specialists Wilmington Millennium conducted their annual survey of over 2,000 UK consumers during December 2015 about their opinions towards direct mail.

What did the direct mail survey reveal?

In this article we explore the survey findings and give our own thoughts on how this backs up the view that direct mail is thriving in 2016.

The survey revealed some interesting findings, which are summarised below:

    • 48% believed that direct mail was a good method of communicating to them (this was an increase from the 41% in the 2014 survey)
    • In terms of preferred direct marketing format:

– 44% preferred direct mail and door step drops
– 42% preferred email and
– 11% preferred a number of other direct marketing methods
– 3% pop-up website advertisements

  • When asked which sectors send the most irrelevant direct mail the results were:

– 30% financial services
– 28% charities
– 24% utility companies
– The best performers were 6% travel and 11% retail, which seems to suggest these sectors are sending more targeted and personalised direct mail messages

  • The survey concluded that direct mail volumes and spend are likely to increase once again in 2016 as they did throughout 2014 and 2015


Baker Goodchild Insight

This survey and its conclusions are welcomed by Baker Goodchild and very much backs our own thoughts that direct mail is very much alive and prospering in 2016. Direct mail is likely to see a further resurgence in demand over the coming years and needs to be viewed as an important part of the marketing mix. As we’ve said before direct mail works best as part of an integrated strategy with other direct marketing initiatives, but it’s still powerful when used in isolation too! Irrespective of some concerns in the press over direct mail in the past twelve months organisations are still continuing to use this as a direct marketing channel. Reasons for this are summarised in one of our direct mail related infographics and include:

  • Attractive return on investment
  • Direct mail is welcomed by recipients
  • Direct mail drives traffic both online and to physical premises
  • Businesses are continuing to invest in direct mail (the UK spend was over £1.5billion in 2014)

Explore what direct mail can do for your business

Baker Goodchild would love to discuss direct mail with you and how it can create impact for an organisation. Get in touch or speak to our experts and we can very quickly create a tailored campaign that will impress your customers.

Image Credit: Neal Shaffer