Set the date for your data clean up day

Set the date for your data clean up day

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Clean data is the basis for all successful direct mail so why not make a date to get a free data health check?

We are apparently in the era of ‘big data’ but many smaller organisations have barely reached the era of any data at all. Gathering consumer data is at best basic, the creation of marketing databases haphazard and the use of that data for CRM and marketing very limited. So before we get carried away looking at the latest software and analytical techniques, most organisations should take a step backward and ask “how good is our data?”

Help is at hand as here at Baker Goodchild we offer a range of services that answer that question and help you to improve use of your data to the benefit of your marketing, brand and sales.

Having effective data is important in many ways. Firstly it will improve the response rates and ROI of your direct mail campaigns as less money is wasted on printing and posting to people who simply wont receive or don’t want to receive your mail out. And making sure people actually want to receive marketing from your company will of course mean fewer complaints (less time spent dealing with complaints) and an enhanced reputation – as well as more sales because of better targeted Direct Mail.

The first step is our free data health check for your database.

Having good quality, accurate and up to date information is vital for any mailing campaign but how certain are you that your database ticks all the boxes? BRG can run a check of your database, providing you with the results within a matter of hours, confirming the number of changes that have taken place since you last had your information verified. Changes such as deaths, people moving house or subscriptions to the Mailing or Telephone Preference Service will be included in the check. The report you receive will give you information about how clean your data is, and the approximate costs of updating, cleaning and enhancing it. The types of services available could also include identifying new addresses, correcting bad data and adding new indicators such as dates of birth, wealth and income information.

Baker Goodchild can also help with the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to your data. If you need data for a particular campaign, we can source and provide high quality data. In the long run gathering your own data will be more effective – it will cost less than buying in data, will generate better response rates and will help you create more sophisticated campaigns integrated with CRM and similar techniques. Again our specialist teams can help with data gathering, data profiling and assessments.

Finally, we can combine our data and bulk postage expertise to ensure your data helps you receive the maximum clean data discounts from Royal Mail – reducing the campaign costs and helping improve ROI.

Book your data cleansing appointment today – contact our Account Management team on 0800 612 1972.

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