Subscription through Direct Mail

Selling Subscriptions through Direct Mail

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Whilst the quality of your subscriptions will be crucial in selling them, the way in which you go about it will also play an important role.

Whilst many companies have taken to using the Internet to sell subscriptions, they may be missing a trick by ruling our direct mail.

Yes believe it or not, direct mail is still one of the best ways to engage with consumers and encourage them to subscribe to your product, whatever that may be. However, in order to drive the best results from direct mail, you need to think carefully about your campaigns and how you can make them most relevant to your audience.

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Segmenting your direct mail

One of the most effective ways to drive results (in this case subscription sales) from your direct mail is to segment your list. Segmenting involves splitting your mailing list into different categories for better targeting and personalisation. You can segment your mailing list in a number of different ways, such as by location, by age, by gender or even by interests. The key is then to personalise your direct mail for each segment, to make it more appealing so that more people buy your subscription.

Personalising subscription offers

Speaking of personalisation, you can actually go beyond personalising via segment to personalising your direct mail for individual customers. For example, if a loyal customer’s subscription period is coming up, a great way to get them to re-subscribe is to send them a personalised offer. Or if someone has recently expressed interest in your subscription service (perhaps online) you can send them direct mail featuring a personalised ‘welcoming offer’ to encourage them to sign up.

Integrate your direct mail with technology

Today the majority of people aren’t going to want to waste time filling in a subscription form by hand. They are however more likely to be willing to fill in an online subscription form. With this in mind, we highly recommend integrating your direct mail with technology such as QR codes or NFC to take your target audience online. The easier you make it for people, the more likely they are to take action.

Including a PURL (personalised URL) that takes them to a landing page featuring the subscription form will allow you to determine the effectiveness of your campaign and gain insight into how individual visitors interact with your website.


If you are looking for a way to boost subscribers to your product or service, direct mail is the answer. Use our tips to improve your direct mail campaigns and send your subscription conversion rates through the roof!

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