Let us bulk print your diplomas, certificates and other secondary school stationery

Mailing service specialists for secondary schools

Are you a secondary school looking for support with mailing? We can help! Based in Birmingham, bakergoodchild have extensive experience in the educational sector and in particular with supplying a range of services to secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities. Work with us and we can help deliver tailored bulk and transactional mail solutions, provide top-quality print solutions and also save money on your postage. Further information is detailed below.

Integrated mailing services

Our mailing services for secondary schools are specifically tailored to secondary schools and have been well “tried and tested” over many years. With our integrated mailing services we can provide print, mail and postal distribution in one consolidated service. You can choose which elements you would like and then leave the work to us!

Print services for secondary schools

Consider bakergoodchild a one-stop shop delivering all of your school’s print requirements. We offer a range of print styles including mono and colour and have a range of equipment to suit even the most diverse of needs; you will never need to use another printer as we can manage everything you need to be printed.

We understand the school sectors well and recognise peaks and troughs in demand and also that sometimes we will need to respond to the most urgent of deadlines.

Specialist print examples

Just a few examples of print we can provide are listed below:

  • Bookmarks – custom bookmarks made with school logo/information included
  • Cards – custom made, praise, rewards, term dates, etc.
  • Certificates – star of the week, bronze/silver/gold/platinum awards, etc.
  • Forms – accident/injury, consent, e-safety and custom forms,
  • Manuals – handbooks, staff training manuals – sometimes with dividers and multiple part sections, etc.
  • Newsletters – we can print custom newsletters for schools as required
  • Posters – we can print posters in a variety of sizes (A1, A2, A3, A4 and custom) to your exact specification
  • School diaries – a variety of diary types for staff, parents and pupils
  • School prospectus and presentation folders
  • School stationery – booklets, exercise books, letterheads, school reports, etc.
  • Stickers – custom made, praise, rewards, etc.

We can provide a range of materials including paper, thick cards, folders, etc. The optimum material is selected for the needs of each print job.

Let bakergoodchild manage all of your secondary school mailing services

Secondary school mail communication solutions

Mailing solutions

Having printed the items required the next task is organising the mailing, there are typically three types of mailing we send here at bakergoodchild:

  • Bulk mail – This is the mailing of a standard piece of information in bulk, this could include letters to all parents, newsletters, school prospectuses/presentations, etc.
  • Promotional direct mail – Similar to bulk mail, this type of mailing is more promotional in nature and is often used by private schools to market to the parents of potential students. This would include the mailing of promotional letters and school prospectus and other general information
  • Transactional mail – Schools produce a significant amount of transactional mail. We work with schools to identify elements of transactional mail, which we can print and mail on their behalf. Examples of transactional mail we could print and mail include purchase orders, remittance advices, thank you messages, etc.

Postage savings

We appreciate that after many years of austerity cuts, budgets are at a premium for schools in the UK; therefore why pay more for your postage? As budget cuts have hit, postage costs have risen but here at bakergoodchild we can help. We have partnerships with many of the leading mail carriers throughout the UK and can provide bulk mailing services at a discount. Receive the same (and usually a much better) level of service than what you receive now for your mailings, just at a much lower price.

Contacting bakergoodchild

Are you a secondary school or perhaps a primary school seeking mailing services support? Here at bakergoodchild we understand the need to control shrinking budgets whilst not compromising quality. Speak to our experts today on 0800 612 1972 for the mailing house solutions your secondary school needs.



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