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Educational mailing specialists

As a business, bakergoodchild are educational sector mailing specialists. We work across the entire sector, as well as colleges, we also support primary schools, secondary schools and universities. Read on to learn about our specialist mailing services tailored to colleges.

Integrated mail house services

As a mailing house, we believe (where we can) in taking an integrated approach to mailing related services. We have solutions to deliver end to end solutions from design, through print and fulfilment to final postal distribution. We have managed these processes innumerable times for colleges and other educational sector mailing customers. Contact one of our educational account managers to discuss how this might work for you.

Print services for colleges

As a print management company bakergoodchild can look after all your college print requirements. As well as fulfilling individual print tasks often to urgent timescales we can also deliver all of your print requirements through an outsourcing contract. We have listed below some examples of print work we could supply for colleges:

  • Cards – custom made cards, general information, term dates, etc.
  • Certificates – special award certificates as required
  • College diaries and yearbooks – printed to order for staff, parents and students
  • College prospectus and presentations – promotional literature to attract new students
  • College stationery – we can print a range of stationery for colleges as required
  • Forms – various forms e.g. accident/injury, e-safety, parental consent, registration, and other custom forms as required
  • Manuals – a range of manuals for colleges including staff handbooks, staff training manuals, etc. These can have special features (e.g. dividers and multi-part sections, etc.
  • Newsletters – we can print and post college newsletters from your digital files
  • Stickers – custom made stickers for a variety of uses around the college

Mailing services

Once mail has been designed, printed and fulfilled it is next time for the postal distribution. Our service is primarily aimed at larger volume print runs so is not ideally suited to small volume batches. We are the type of business to use for larger print jobs, typically 500+ units, this is referred to as “bulk mail”, and we discuss the attractive postal discounts available for bulk mail below.

We have mentioned the types of printed materials colleges need above. Items mailed broadly fit into two categories, transactional mail and direct mail. Transactional mail would be print jobs necessitated through a transaction; a classic example would be a prospectus where a request for supply provokes a transaction. For bulk mailing purposes there would be bulk mailing of prospectuses, e.g. on the prospectus launch day.

Sometimes colleges will want to send tactical promotional/direct mail. Examples would include college pamphlets/brochures and a range of other promotional literature to encourage student recruitment to the college.

College print services from bakergoodchild

College print services from bakergoodchild

Postage discounts for colleges

Postage represents an ever-increasing proportion of a colleges marketing and communications budget. In recent years the Royal Mail and other carriers have forced the price of postage higher year on year. Why pay more for your postage when you can save money through our great bulk mail solutions here at bakergoodchild. We have negotiated deals with the main postal carriers in the UK and can provide the same postal service standards you enjoy today at a much reduced price. Contact us for details.

Contact details for bakergoodchild

For professional mailing services support for colleges, contact bakergoodchild on 0800 612 1972. Our Mailing House experts will be able to provide all the services you need in the fields of bulk and direct mail, print (including design) and postage consultancy and savings.



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