Direct mail services for Utility Companies

If you’re a utility company and need to help your brand stand out in the crowd, bakergoodchild can help. We provide an efficient, effective direct mailing service which will promote all your branding and marketing needs. We understand your direct marketing materials must arrive in pristine condition and represent your brand as reliable yet also deliver value for money. Our mailing house can help your brand get noticed and remembered in a sea of competitors.

We all need utilities but how do we choose which ones we use? Often people choose their utilities and essential suppliers by brands they know trust and remember. In order to ensure your customers, know your brand and remember it as a reliable one, you’ll need a great direct mailing campaign which will put your company first and foremost in customer’s minds.

Giving your customers timely transparent information

Nowhere is it more important to project your company as reliable and transparent than in utilities. Your customers need to trust your brand and know what it stands for. You need to give open and transparent advice as to why you stand head and shoulders over the competition. You can do this in a really effective way with a direct mailing campaign which will keep you at the forefront of your competitors and more importantly your customers’ minds.

Efficient folding and packaging

At bakergoodchild, we can bundle all your promotional materials into one handy pack and ensure that they are sent out in appropriate envelopes which fit their contents and help you save on postage wherever possible. We can fold and concertina brochure information to reduce its size and make it look more professional. Professional automated folding reduces your costs enabling you to fit your mail inserts into smaller envelopes for mailing.

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Fully equipped

Our mailing house has all the latest equipment to fold and seal your inserts and ensure that they reach your customer in perfect condition. We regularly update our equipment to ensure that you, our customers have the most innovative mailing equipment for your mail campaigns. We can fulfil orders in a fast and efficient manner because we have the staff and equipment to automatically sort and professionally fulfil all direct mail campaigns.

Retaining your brand quality

Our professional direct mailshot services enable you to ensure consistent quality in your direct mail campaign and ensure that all your mailshot inserts are professionally folded, contained in sealed polythene packages (where required) and mailed to your customer on time promoting and enhancing your brand quality.

Direct mail services for utility companies

Get your brand recognised today and use bakergoodchild for your direct mailing campaign. Contact us today on 0800 612 1972 and let us deliver your direct mailing campaign so that you can get on with what you’re good at doing bringing cost-effective utilities to the public on which they can rely. Based in the heart of Birmingham, we are centrally located and are ideally placed to meet with customers and deliver services throughout the UK.


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