Whistl claims they are not afraid to make noise in the delivery industry and from what various news sites are reporting they have already made this very clear!

Royal Mail’s Rival, TNT Post UK, Rebranded as “Whistl”

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TNT has long been Royal Mail’s largese competitor in the UK mail market, the owners of have just announced a major rebranding. This includes a change in name to ‘Whistl.’

TNT Post UK are the 2nd largest provider of mail services withi the UK marketplace. they are owned by a Dutch postal Company – PostNL, this was previously owned by TNT Group – the shipping Company.

During 2011, the TNT Group was split up, the ‘express’ division became TNT Express and the postal business was rebranded as PostNL.

So Why Change The Name?

Following the ‘demerger’ of the companies, PostNL’s international post businesses only had permission to use the TNT Post name until the end of 2014. As we are nearing the end of the year, now is the optimal time for the international post businesses to change their names and re-brand in order to meet the terms and conditions of the agreement.

In Germany, the TNT Post business rebranded to PostCon and in Italy the Company is being re-branded to Nexive. Here in the UK they have chosen the name ‘Whistl’.

The name ‘Whistl’ was chosen as it represented happy people who enjoy going to work.

According to Whistl’s chief executive, Nick Wells, the Whistl brand reflects the teamwork culture of the business and their positive approach and can-do attitude. He describes the brand as ‘dynamic and entrepreneurial’.

A profile of Whistl

Whistl, is based in Marlow, near London and has provided a range of mail services in the UK from 2004. According to its latest figures, Whistl collects 22% of all UK mail, processing over four billion items a year.

Whistl have 6 UK depots, these are in Marlow, Bristol, Coatbridge, Leeds, Manchester and Newtownabbey. Operating as a major downstream UK operator, Whistl collects customers business mail and sorts it before handing it over to Royal Mail who complete the final stage of delivery.

However since 2012, Whistl has been taking Royal Mail directly by launching its own collection service, sorting and delivery services in London. After much success the company launched the service in Liverpool and Manchester and has plans to venture into other geographical markets in the near future.

It is this that has caused issues with Royal Mail who have labelled Whistl as a significant threat to a universal postal service in the UK. Royal Mail is making claims of unfair competition, stating that Whistl is only providing services to the more profitable areas of delivery i.e. urban areas.

At the end of last month the government announced a formal inquiry into competition in the UK postal sector. The inquiry will examine downstream access, end-to-end delivery services and the impact of parcel delivery services on the universal postal service. Evidence will be heard from Royal Mail, TNT (now Whistl) and the industry regulator Ofcom, with written submissions required before the deadline of 24th October.

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