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Retargeting eCommerce Customers with Direct Mail

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Targeting those who have already showed interest in your products or services can be very powerful and highly effective.

What is Retargeting

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) is a form of marketing where customers or prospects are targeted based on known previous online actions. Most typically retargeting occurs where there has been no previous sale, but retargeting can also be used to create a repeat sale of a previously purchased product.

Retargeting is often practised online (this is quite popular for example with Google AdWords PPC),but the focus of this article will be retargeting through direct mail.

How Does Retargeting Work?

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The first and foremost requirement of retargeting is that the organisation needs knowledge of who the customer is to determine their online activities. Having specific knowledge of a prospective customer could be achieved through various means:

  • Email click-through – Through Email marketing a prospect could click a link and their follow-up actions be tracked
  • Logged into a user account – A prospect can be traced once they log into a user account
  • Through PURL – A personalised URL (PURL) is sent (often with an offer/coupon) by Email or direct mail. This PURL is unique to the recipient and once logged in all their actions will be traceable

Retargeting could be applied in a number of scenarios:

  • Items left in shopping cart – When a known user leaves items in their shopping cart
  • Previous items purchased – A user is targeted to purchased items previously purchased
  • Purchase related products – A user is targeted to purchase related products to an item viewed or previously purchased, e.g. buy a charger for a technology product previously purchased
  • Pages viewed – A user is targeted based on pages they have viewed

Programmatic Direct Mail Through eCommerce Knowledge

Modern day eCommerce systems are capable of sophisticated levels of programming. Retargeting instructions can be added within the eCommerce system, which prompts a follow-up direct mail. This is a relatively new and very powerful new form of direct mail, which will become increasingly widely used over the years to come.

Easy to Track and Analyse Results

As with all marketing it’s important to be able to analyse results, track response rates and measure ROI. This is particularly straightforward and achievable through retargeting. Very specific individualised customer data is available. It’s easy to measure the number of retargets, with click through rates and actual sales made. This allows for A/B split testing and fine tuning of campaigns for even more success in the future.

Retargeting for Your Business

If you have an eCommerce website then retargeting has to be a sensible option for your business. Do contact us here at Baker Goodchild to discuss retargeting through direct mail and how we can help.

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