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Report reveals who responds to Direct Mail requests

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Direct Mail is something that every household in the UK receives but you may well be wondering why companies bother with the expense. A new report reveals just how successful Direct Mail campaigns are.

Direct Mail success
Royal Mail recently confirmed that half of all post that arrives through your letterbox is likely to be Direct Mail (DM). It’s a hugely popular method of fundraising for charities with all of the large groups relying on this strategy.

Not everyone responds to DM but there is a significant and predictable number of people that do, and Kantar Media‘s TGI survey reports on the trends seen.

According to the results, there are a total of 8 million adults who comprise the heaviest 20% of individuals who respond to DM campaigns.

These adults are most likely to be aged between 25-34; they are a third more likely than the average person to have an income exceeding £50,000 for the house and are 81% more likely to be employed in a senior manager position.

The survey found that this group of people would be far more likely to crack out their credit card and spend on items they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Using the data
Having this information is useful to enable companies to target the right markets but it’s the nitty-gritty of the details which could prove to be the most significant.

And it’s not enough to know who is the most likely to respond; companies still need to know what approach is most likely to get their target audience to engage with them.

For example, DM campaigns which relate to either household products or food and drink were most likely to elicit a response when combined with a competition. And although their income may be above the national average, they love a good bargain. The research showed that coupons were another big winner, being more than twice as likely as their fellow Brits to sniff out a deal via their DM.

When quizzed above the value of advertising, this group was surprisingly positive about its use. Three quarters of these people said they made their choices about what to buy based on the adverts they see.

They also felt that the urban landscape was improved with the use of carefully chosen and placed posters, while another three quarters said that they liked to see ads which featured their favourite stars.

More than a third admitted they would purchase a new brand simply to test it out while a significant number said that their decisions were largely influenced by whether they held a loyalty card.

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