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Are you a business that offers subscriptions or renewals as part of its package? If you are interested in finding out more about how bakergoodchild can boost the number of subscriptions and renewals that you receive using direct mailing services, read on.

What are renewals and subscription services?

The clue is in the name with these services, but they have seen something of a renewed focus in recent years. There have always been options for customers to subscribe, or renew a subscription, to a product or service that they love.

But, recently we have seen this trend boom. In fact, whole business models are built around, and rely upon, the continued subscription of customers, as opposed to the more traditional pay-per-product model.

Recent studies have found that around 78% of the British adult population subscribe to at least one product or service and that they are increasingly switching to this type of service over the older models. Furthermore, it was found that since 2012, the sales of companies that focus on a subscription model were growing at nine times the rate of any company listed in the US’ S&P 500.

Clearly, the subscription model is huge, and if you’re a business already doing this, then you already know that! Another huge benefit of a subscription model is it allows you to build relationships with your customers over a prolonged period of time.

This allows you to provide an added level of personality, which in turn, increases your revenues. 98% of mail receivers believe that personalisation is important, so this isn’t a factor that you want to overlook!

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How can bakergoodchild help with your printing and mailing services?

A piece of renewal or subscription mail is a slightly strange one as compared to other pieces in that it is neither purely promotional or purely transactional, instead it needs elements of both to help convert.

With that in mind, these types of mail almost require more thinking through than the majority of other pieces. Here’s how we can help.


Any good mail campaign is built on top of good and reliable data. With robust data management services, we’ll ensure that we only target relevant customers.


As well as including the right content to have customers subscribe, we can also help to add the personal touch too. This will make your mail stand out from the typical, generic and boring subscription mails, instead of having that extra element that draws in readers.

Printing and mailing

We will, of course, print and mail your items too. We’ve developed strong relationships with mailing partners around the world, so can offer you the most efficient mailing solutions and the most cost effective options.

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