The power of print based marketing

The Power of Print – Why Print Based Marketing is Still Effective

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There can be no denying that we are living in a digital age, surrounded by social media and technology. You’d be forgiven for thinking that printed publications, whether it’s marketing, newspapers or books, is a dying generation. However, basic science and recent statistics show that this is nothing more than a myth. Below we have explained why print based marketing is still effective.

Customers love having something to hold

All of us love having something to hold. While we add more pieces of tech to our lives each year, and there is a new focus on living a minimalistic and “less = more” lifestyle, having something you can feel and retain will never lose its value.

This is perhaps most clearly shown through the fact that physical book copies are back on the rise, and Amazon have plans to open hundreds of new book stores. There is also an argument that handwriting something as opposed to typing it increases memory retention, so using and engaging with physical media has many benefits.

All of these benefits and statistics relate to print based marketing too. Customers, who most likely spend the majority of their day on technology, respond well to getting eye-catching and personalised direct mail through their doors.

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Email vs direct mail

Although emails are more prevalent than ever, print based marketing outperforms it in every industry. Emails across any industry can only expect an open rate of around 20%, while at least 98% of customers sort through their direct mail daily.

Further to these figures, only around 2% or 3% of those who opened their emails actually clicked through on any links. Although it may be cheaper to conduct an email marketing campaign, if only a minority are seeing the marketing, then it proves an ineffective strategy for your business.

Although you can’t guarantee those 98% of direct mail sorters will buy your product, you at least have a much better chance of grabbing their attention and converting them.

Combining print based marketing with digital marketing

An effective marketing strategy will use all available assets on offer. That’s why you can even combine your print based marketing with technology and social media.

Using multiple types of print based marketing

You also have a huge range of options available to you when it comes to print based marketing. It doesn’t just have to be letters, you can also think about sending other types such as postcards or catalogues.

These varying options available to you give you different options with how you can print your marketing and which customers you want to appeal to.

How can bakergoodchild help with your print based marketing?

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