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step 1

Potatoes are 95% starch and need to be ground together with water, before the starch can be sieved away and set to dry

step 2

The starch is then mixed with a volume of hydrochloric acid and propan1,2,3-triol

step 3

Next step is to heat the mixture until boiling point

step 4

The mixture is then spread thinly and is left to dry in a controlled environment

step 5

Once dry you have a bioplastic and this is then manufactured into a polywrap

Potato starch is a polymer made of long chains of glucose units joined together. It actually contains two polymers: Amylose, which is a straight chain of glucose units Amylopectin, which is a branched polymer, also made of glucose units

The amylopectin prevents the starch from becoming plastic-like and needs hydrochloric acid to break down the amylopectin and change the structure and properties of the polymer. Propan1,2,3-triol (also known as glycerol) also needs to be used, which will act as a plasticizer.

Potato starch polywrap: Benefits

  • Robust properties to prevent scuffs and scratches to your direct mail items
  • Provides a premium look and feel, with an opaque finish
  • Does not degrade and leave harmful toxic by products
  • 100 % compostable and has the OK compost EN13432 certification
  • Complies with EU Packaging directives (94/62 / EEC)
  • Potatoes are sourced from the food industry waste stock.
    All raw materials used in the production and manufacture of bioplastic
    are in compliance with relevant food contact directives.

Once polywrap opened, please dispose of in your green bins.
Bioplastic processing instruction may vary in local plants.

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