Direct Mail

From our experience artwork preparation can be a problem for many clients. In a recent project a client had artwork issues but was up against immovable deadlines relating to a tender. They approached us asking for urgent assistance to fix the artwork issues in time for the tender completion.

Project Background | Artwork Not Fit For Print
We were approached by a client with an urgent turnaround requirement to provide support for a 48pp tender document. The client had created the artwork, but the spine width was too large for the printed copy. This means that when the document was printed, the spine wrapped around the back cover. This caused the print to look unprofessional as the front/back design was affected, and also internal pages were not aligned.

Project Solution | Print Aligned With Artwork
We were able to quote for both the printing and mailing of a batch of 55,000 A5 20 page booklets. Our comprehensive, no obligation quotation was subsequently accepted. The client appreciated the efficiency of only working with one supplier. This meant the entire project was delivered from our central Birmingham location, rather than from various locations.
The solution was relatively simple for us, but vitally important to our client. A specialist from our print team created a prototype and was able to change the artwork to reflect the required dimensions. This meant the design problems were fixed and the front/back design was perfect and there were no internal alignment issues.

Project outcome | Exceeded Expectations
We sent the required copies to the client in time for the tender deadline. The clients’ expectations were exceeded; they were impressed with the quick turnaround and told us that the meeting went very well.