insurance direct mail

For many insurance companies data is still being extracted from legacy systems which can often make it difficult for the files to be manipulated in order to receive the best possible postal discounts.  The investment in both new IT platforms and mail sortation software is significant with companies often choosing to use this in other areas of the business.


Project Background | Outsourcing of Daily Letters

For a number of years bakergoodchild have worked on behalf of an insurance company in the City who were looking to reduce their annual postage spend.  Limitations in the formats in which data could be extracted together with the required investment and expertise in mail sortation software made the client look for an outsourced solution.


Project Solution | Secure Print Environment

Our vast experience in receiving data in various formats and manipulating it to attract the best possible cost efficiencies for our clients allowed us to assist this particular client.  Data in the form of print ready PDFs were transferred via secure means to bakergoodchild and with our state of the art software we were able to extract the address information, run it through a mailsort program and place the customers details back onto the page adding where possible, a customer barcode which could be read by Royal Mail.


Project outcome | Significant Postal Savings

This process allowed the client to make significant savings through our ability to mailsort the data and maximise the discount available.  With postage still making up the vast percentage cost of any mail pack, the client now views bakergoodchild as an expert and trusted partner.