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Are you a membership organisation which needs to deliver a range of transactional mailing solutions to members? To learn more about ways in which bakergoodchild can smoothly manage member mailings read this article on the topic.

What are transactional mail solutions?

Transactional mail is mail which originates from a transaction, an example for a member organisation would be membership renewal. In this case, as a member renews a mailing is sent out acknowledging renewal, this may also include a variety of inserts to accompany the renewal.

As a mailing house, bakergoodchild provide a range of innovative transactional mail solutions to member organisations, which are discussed below.

Membership transactional mailing

There are various reasons to mail members, which originate from a transaction. Here at bakergoodchild, we can assist in mailing all of the following transactional mail type solutions:

  • Certificates – mail members with certificates for passing exams and training courses, etc.
  • Invoices – mailing members with invoices for various services including membership renewals, training courses, etc.
  • Remittance advices – mailing members with a remittance advice acknowledging receipt for a recent payment
  • Reminders and notices – mailing members with renewal reminders, event notices and prompts to settle unpaid invoices, etc.
  • Statements – mailing members with a statement of their account, etc.
  • Welcome letter – for new members a welcome letter is sent, this often takes the form of a members welcome pack with multiple inserts included

The above are just a few examples, contact bakergoodchild to discuss any of the above and/or other membership mailings you may require.

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Other membership mailing

The additional following mailings can also be sent, which are not usually transactional in nature:

  • Announcements – periodically members may need to be mailed with organisational announcements
  • Direct mail – mailing members with promotional offers
  • Events information – mailing members with information about future events
  • Offers and vouchers – many member organisations mail members with offers and vouchers. These could be for services of the organisation and also for selected third parties as benefits to members
  • Training courses – sending out information about future training courses for members, this is often important as a part of CPD (continuous professional development)

If there are any other types of membership mailings you require just contact us, we will be able to help whatever your mailing requirement is.

Print, mailing and postage

Broadly bakergoodchild’s solutions for membership organisations can be grouped into three main categories, which are:

  • Print – management of all print requirements irrespective of the type of printing required
  • Mailing – the management of mail fulfilment to members, including enclosing, folding, polywrapping (if applicable), packaging, etc.
  • Postage – the final postage of the mail including saving money through innovative deals with postal carriers and use of postal sortation software

We can manage all three of the above as part of an integrated solution offering, print, mail and post your members through just using one business partner.

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Contact bakergoodchild to discuss all aspects of membership printing, mailing and postage. We can manage the entire process as an integrated solution. Call us for details on 0800 612 1972 and one of our experts will be able to assist with all your questions.

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