Cost Effective Managed Printing

Managed Print Services – a Bright Future Ahead With Cash Savings Opportunities

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Your IT team may be super heroes in your eyes but that doesn’t mean they can handle all aspects of the department alone.

It is their job to deal with critical issues such as maintaining system security, rather than managing the use of printers, copiers and other imaging equipment. However leaving these pieces of technology unmanaged is a big mistake that could cost your business unnecessary amounts of money.

If you lack information about your printer fleet such as the type of printers you use, which staff use which printers and how much is being spent on printer consumables then it’s likely you’ll be spending much more money than you need to. This is where managed print services come in. By working with a company offering managed print services, you can benefit from having someone else to take care of everything from printer parts and consumables to managing maintenance and usage.

Cut your printing costs

By outsourcing print management functions to a dedicated service provider, businesses can save as much as 30% on their costs each year. A print management company will audit your equipment, manage it centrally and order print consumables on your behalf, helping you to make significant cost savings.

New ideas

Many companies offering print management services go beyond simply securing a lower price for print consumables to actually brainstorming ideas to help businesses continue to drive down their costs. From sourcing new software to leveraging new technology, a print management company will help you find the most efficient way to manage printing at your business.

Reduce waste

The majority of businesses are moving towards being more environmentally friendly, making excess print wastage a huge no no! The great thing using print managed services is that the print management company will help you find the best way to cut print waste in half. From limiting the number of printouts for a particular document to introducing employee swipe cards which identify what employees are printing, print management companies can help you operate in a way that’s much better for the planet.


Whilst the majority of businesses show interest in managed print services for their cost saving abilities , they actually go beyond saving you money each month. Managed print services can help you completely transform your business by improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of your operations.

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