Here’s a look at what managing a mailshot service involves and what businesses can expect

Mailshot Services – What to Expect

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If you’ve never managed a mailshot service before, or you’ve always processed them entirely in-house you might not know exactly what to expect.

Baker Goodchild can take the pain out of the process for you by managing your mailshot from beginning to end. Here’s a look at what managing a mailshot service involves and what businesses can expect.

Bespoke mailshot service

If you want your mailshot to be managed professionally, you’ll still retain total control over the process and can decide how much, if anything, you want to retain in-house.

Baker Goodchild can manage as much or as little of the overall mailshot process as you want, creating a bespoke solution which matches the needs of your business. All types of mail can be processed, so you don’t have to keep to the standard letter dimensions if something different is preferred.

Where required, the entire process from beginning to end can be managed by Baker Goodchild with everything from printing to delivery included within the service.

Let us know what you want, and when you want it, and you can be sure that the mailshot service will be delivered on time and to the highest possible standard.

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Lower costs

You might think that using professional services for your mailshot could work out more expensive but you could be pleasantly surprised by how much money you could save.

Because our technology is available around the clock here at Baker Goodchild, we can get your mailshot out as quickly as you need without taking up your valuable resources. This means your staff can get on with business as usual as the mailshot is organised.

We are the largest mailhouse in Birmingham which means we are ideally set up to handle bulk volumes. With such economies of scale we can offer competitive rates, and that includes reduced postage too. You’ll get the same service standards from other postal providers but when we manage your mailshot, you’ll pay less.


Companies who have never used mailshot services before may have the misconception that a lot of notice is needed to get a campaign up and running.

However, here at Baker Goodchild we know that in business there are times when an urgent need arises or things don’t quite go to plan. And that’s why we have state of the art technology capable of processing up to 200,000 envelopes every day which works around the clock.

If you have a last minute need or have to bring a deadline forward, we could still be able to fit in your request. With a team of highly skilled professionals, more than two decades of experience in the industry and cutting edge equipment, we can help deliver your requirements on target.

Come to the experts

You don’t need to take our word for our standards of service, simply take a look at our accreditations and you’ll see for yourself that we’re backed by some of the biggest organisations in the industry.

If you’ve used mailshot services from another provider, you could be surprised at the difference in the quality, cost and efficiencies that we can offer. And if you’ve never outsourced your mailshot, the potential to save money without affecting business as usual is vast.

Talk to Baker Goodchild today about your mailshot needs and see how we could help you deliver.

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