Mailshot Services – Why a Flexible Approach is Needed

An effective mailshot campaign can help you to reach new customers, expand your brand and grow your business. While many businesses try to keep their mailshot campaigns in-house, mailshot services, provided by an expert mailing house, can help you to achieve the flexibility that is needed for any successful campaign.

Why is a flexible approach is needed for mailshot services?

It’s absolutely crucial to personalise any piece of marketing that you send out, and this doesn’t change with a mailshot. Each campaign that you run will be different, perhaps targeting a new audience, using varying sizes of mailshot, or containing a different core message inside. Perhaps you even need to target several audiences with one campaign, and flexible systems, such as variable data printing, that mailshot companies can provide greatly helps with flexibility.

Perhaps you may also be responding to a quick change in the market, or need to notify customers quickly of your own changes or news. Sometimes you may only have days to respond or act upon a piece of information, and in times like this flexibility is absolutely crucial.

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Why you should use mailshot companies for flexibility

If you have plenty of time and planning on your side, then perhaps you are able to keep your mailshot campaign in-house. But, first you must consider:

  • Can you print to the level of quality that you need to?
  • Can you print the high level of volume that you need?
  • Will your printers be able to handle the capacity?
  • Where will you store your mailshots, which could number in the thousands?

If you struggle to find a good answer to the above questions, or you know you need a high level of flexibility with your campaign, then mailshot companies are for you. Here at bakergoodchild we can process 200,000 envelopes a day, so there’s no problem with the volume!

We can work to last minute changes to the campaign or moving deadlines, and with more than two decades working in the mailing industry, we know how to handle these high-pressure situations.

With this added level of flexibility, you’re probably assuming an added price tag too? You’d be surprised that flexibility is just part of our service, and we still offer competitive and cost-effective rates, as well as turnaround times.

We have also developed strong relationships with key mailing houses and partners not only in the UK but also around the world too. This allows us to further deliver cost-effective mailshot solutions in extra quick time too.

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While we would all like our direct mail campaigns to run smoothly and to have plenty of time to plan them, we all know things can change at the snap of your fingers. We’re ready to deal with quick changes like this, providing you with the highest level of flexibility.

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