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Mail sizes and dimensions – the options available

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A mailshot, or direct mail campaign as it’s also sometimes known as, is one of the best ways to reach potential customers and get a real return.

However, organising a mailshot from beginning to end involves a huge amount of work and if you’re not staffed or equipped to manage this, you could end up with less than desirable results, simply due to lack of capability.

The good news is that leading mailing houses such as Baker Goodchild are able to manage the entire mailshot campaign for you, as well as help with other bulk mail needs. Here’s a look at their services and the options available.

The mailshot

If you’re not sure what to expect from a mailshot, you might be wondering how much you are able to customise the material which is sent out.

The mail at a large mailing house such as Baker Goodchild is processed using state of the art equipment and the latest technology, which means there’s a lot of flexibility around volumes and timescales. Offering fast turnarounds and an urgent response service means that even if there’s a last minute job which needs doing, it’s still possible to hit the deadlines without having to sacrifice on quality.

Because the equipment used is so advanced, it’s possible to handle a range of different mail sizes, including inserts and matching of documents. The same principles apply for bulk mail needs; you don’t need to stick to standard size envelopes or just one sheet of paper. We can process whatever you need quickly, efficiently and economically too.

If the items can’t be processed by machine for any reason, we have a highly trained and experienced team who will complete the job by hand.

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No matter what the size of the item being sent, there may be times when you don’t have as much notice as you would ideally have liked, or emergency mailing needs suddenly arise.

We understand that businesses require flexibility with their mailing needs and that’s why our service is there, to help ensure that we can meet whatever your business requires.

As a general guide, in any day we can process 200,000 polywrapped items or envelopes and we can provide personalisation on 250,000 pieces.

These numbers mean that even if you have very little notice, we can still help to ensure you get your mail out when it’s needed, thanks to our high speed processing of all sizes and dimensions.


Although you might have a need to get mail out in bulk, you won’t want to compromise on your standards so you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer the same high quality of service whether we’re delivering within one week or one month!

No matter if we’re managing a mailshot of postcards or a large delivery of Christmas cards from your business; we will make sure it gets out in time to meet your deadlines and into the letterboxes of your customers.

Choosing a size

It’s entirely up to you what dimensions you choose for your mailshot but when you’re writing and planning the details it’s important to consider the practicalities as well as merely the cost and aesthetics.

Large items may be attention grabbing but may not fit into smaller letterboxes without being folded, leaving them looking grubby and worn. At the opposite end of the spectrum, smaller items could get swallowed up by the rest of the mail and could fail to be noticed.

Therefore while you may not want to use the same dimensions as the rest of the mail in order to draw attention, you also need to make sure whatever you choose is practical too.

Talk to Baker Goodchild about your mailing needs today; no matter what the dimensions we can provide you with a fast and efficient service that suits your needs.

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