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Here at bakergoodchild, we are specialists in all services related to direct mail and mail services. We offer our services across the UK, which includes Bristol and surrounding regions. So, if you’re looking for a mail house in Bristol, bakergoodchild can offer exactly what you’re looking for, at competitive rates. From our base in Birmingham, we can fulfil orders to any quantity and have much experience serving Bristol through our distribution network.

We understand that the advancements in digital services has changed the way the industry is shaped at the moment, but at the same time, do not be fooled into thinking that Direct Mail techniques do not work. Its still very much alive and still play a pivotal role in a general marketing strategy. And our clients have seen an extensive return with us on the direct services we provide. Our portfolio expands as far as Bristol, where we have extensive experience of providing direct mail services to our clients.

Step by Step Project Management Services for Your Campaign

Whether you’re looking for full support on your project or just simply looking to seek direct marketing services, bakergoodchild is here to support you on all accounts. After our initial consultation to discuss your requirements, you’ll be then allocated an dedicated account manager, who will work with you from start to end, to ensure your project is delivered on time, with no compromise on quality.

You can be completely rest assured that we will manage your project from beginning to end, with our team of experts ready to deliver on your objectives. Simply contact us today to discuss your campaign, and our experienced experts will be in touch today.

High volume direct mail

Save Money Through Our Postage Services & Fees

Postal costs can make or break a direct mail campaign, and with rising costs its no wonder that companies tend to tread carefully. However, here at bakergoodchild, we have arrangements in place that can stem the tide of traditional postage costs, so we can deliver goods at our special rates.

We utilise a more modern approach to postage to generate savings for our clients. A new and innovative technology that we apply for our clients is Mailmark. Mailmark uses 2D and 4-state barcode technology to determine the lowest possible mailing rates for the retail and wholesale sectors.

These barcodes are then specifically utilised right next to the mailing address and stores a lot more information than standard postal barcodes. These new barcodes can be used for any machineable mail that has at least 90% valid addresses. This solution works well for different classifications of commercial mailings. This includes – advertising, business mail and business mail 1st class. We have achieved great results through this solution and is something we will continue to utliise going forward also. We have also achieved even lower postage rates with large letters than we have for standard and smaller mail sizes, and as a result, we are now Mailmark enabled as an organisation. We apply and leverage this new technology solution to clinch really attractive rates for our clients.

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