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Popular Areas Covered by bakergoodchild in the UK

Birmingham has always been a perfect central location in the UK. Year on year we have worked hard to build successful long-term strong relationships and networks with both clients and suppliers all across the UK. This enables us to offer a truly national service to our clients. However, as well as being able to offer national mailing coverage (for direct mail and transactional mail), we are also able to offer:

  • Postage – postage to anywhere in the world at reduced prices and
  • Print – a premium print service, with range of printers and print size/formats


UK Wide Mailing with bakergoodchild

UK Wide Mailing with bakergoodchild

UK Direct Mail Service

A mainstay of bakergoodchild’s service offerings are our direct mail services. For many years we have provided direct mail to organisations across the UK as well as internationally. Direct mail is increasing in popularity and is an important part of the direct marketing channel mix.

When combined with personalisation techniques achieved through variable data printing technology a truly personalised mailshot can be sent which is much more likely to evoke a response from the customer who will feel the mail piece is relevant to them. Talk to us today about how bakergoodchild can help you to implement a winning direct mail strategy.

UK direct mail with bakergoodchild

UK wide direct mail solutions

UK Transactional Mail Service

Wherever there is a transaction, there is an opportunity for transactional mail. This service represents a great opportunity to save money through bulk printing and mailing of transactional mail pieces. Learn more about what transactional mail is here, but in essence it is mail originating from a transaction, e.g. invoices, remittance advices, renewal notices, subscription reminders, etc. Contact us today to discuss how transactional mail can make an impact in your organisation. Let us provide a one-stop service where we print, fulfil and post your transactional mail items.

UK Print Service

Think of print, think of bakergoodchild! We offer an amazing diversity of print solutions from variable digital printing to more traditional lithographic, B1 and B2 as well as web printing. We have an extensive array of printers in our Birmingham mailing house which covers most customer demands. In cases where specialist printing is required and or extra capacity is needed we can also work in conjunction with 20+ other printers to deliver the perfect print solution. Find out more about our print services here – https://www.bakergoodchild.co.uk/services/print/. Contact us today to discuss winning print solutions that we can deliver for your organisation.

Reduced Postage Costs for UK Businesses

Our knowledge and experience has given us the tools to be able to secure cost effective postage pricing for our clients, which in turn allows them to reach a far wider audience, without breaking the bank to do so. We seek to find the perfect balance between affordable pricing and quality, never compromising our quality, for a discounted price. We pre-sort mail prior to distribution in the preferred order from carriers who in turn provide a discount, which we pass on to our customers in the form of very competitive prices.

So, no matter where in the world you want to target with your mailing campaign, bakergoodchild can help you achieve your goals whilst saving on postal costs. From Scotland to Devon, France or even America, we can arrange a mailing service anywhere in the world. As a business, bakergoodchild are a global company with global clients.

Popular locations we serve around the UK

Listed below are some of the most popular mailing locations bakergoodchild work with in the UK, these are listed below:

The above is just an indicative list of some of our most popular UK locations, bakergoodchild are able to deliver wherever you operate from within the UK. Please visit the individual pages above for specific information and contact us wherever you live in the UK including Northern Ireland for top-quality mailing house services.

We will be adding more location pages in the future, so bookmark this page and visit it again to see which new locations have been added!

Quality – ISO and BSI Accreditations

Quality is important to us and we know it is to our customers too. We also know it’s vital that quality is tangible and real and not just “empty words and promises”. With this in mind, bakergoodchild set out many years ago to provide high-quality whatever we do in the organisation, this is process driven and central to our operations. Here are a summary of the ISO and BSI accreditations we comply with:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management – Implements a Quality Management Framework
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management – Creation of an Environmental Management System
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security – Implementation of an Information Security System
  • BS OHSAS 18001 – Health & Safety – Implementation of a Health & Safety System and processes in an organisation

For more information, visit this detailed blog post and the Quality Policy of bakergoodchild.

Integrated mailing house services

As great as our individual mail, print and postage services are when bought as a standalone serve they really come alive when they are bought together. An integrated approach means that bakergoodchild can manage your mailing campaign from concept to final distribution.

Think of it, bakergoodchild could be used as a one-stop shop, a printer, mail fulfilment partner and postal carrier. As well as great savings benefit there are also environmental benefits too with raw materials, work in progress and finished goods never needing to leave the premises until final distribution. Why not call our experts today and talk about an integrated approach for print, mail and postage with us?

Contacting the bakergoodchild mailing house

Wherever you are in the UK, contact the bakergoodchild mailing house for a range of innovative direct mail, print, postage and transactional mail solutions. Contact details are available at our contact us page, why not call our mailing house experts today by dialling 0800 612 1972.

Our offices are open Monday – Friday, although our production capabilities operate 24×7, we anticipate responding to emails received in most circumstances within a 48-hour period.

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