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Join the Age of the Customer with Direct Mail and Print Management Strategies

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The news that more and more companies are re-introducing direct mail into their marketing mix is a breath of fresh air.

We live in a predominantly digital world, where brands often dismiss the important role print and direct marketing have to play. Whilst direct mail may not seem as cool, exciting and innovative as digital marketing, the truth is that it’s still the most successful form of advertising available today.

According to the latest figures, 97% of people open direct mail marketing. It’s effective, it’s tangible and it delivers the message, plain and simple.

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Millenials showing an interest in print based materials

Whilst many people associate direct mail with older people who are used to placing catalogue orders, it is also becoming trendy with 18 – 35 year olds, known as the ‘Millenials.’ According to Deloitte’s predictions, one in six Millenials will subscribe to a print paper or magazine in 2015 alone, showing there is a key interest in print-based materials amongst this group.

Adopting an integrated marketing strategy is the way forward

This information highlights the importance of using a combined strategy to target younger generations. By combining traditional marketing methods like direct mail with email, social media and online marketing, brands can effectively engage with their audience and drive results.

Direct mail is not dead and it never has been

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is not dead and it never was. It was simply undergoing a few changes, like all marketing methods do from time to time. Over the last few years it has completely evolved with the help of technologies like QR codes, augmented reality and NFC and can now be used effectively as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Print Management strategies are important too

Of course, there are some hurdles that direct mail still has to overcome, such as

the misconception of it being expensive. With effective print management strategies in place, brands will actually find direct mail marketing to be one of the most cost effective strategies out there. Not only that but it also provides opportunities for personalisation and easy measurability; something that people often assume is reserved strictly for the digital world.

Direct mail still has a lot to offer brands and customers in 2015. Instead of dismissing it, find a way to integrate it into your digital marketing strategy. Give it a try and you will soon be wondering why you never thought to use it in the first place!

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