It’s the personal touch that counts in marketing

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Engaging a customer has never been an easy task and as markets become more competitive in almost every industry, it is more important now than ever to ensure you’re reaching out to your consumers in the right way to gain a response.

Many marketing strategies are now far from original and it takes a lot more to impress the average consumer these days, but personalisation seems to be the way to go in the current market, with many marketing gurus arguing that customers are far more responsive to businesses that they feel care about them on a personal level.

Personalising your marketing gives consumer’s confidence that you understand their problems, know them inside out and have their best interests at heart. A recent study has reported that businesses collecting data on their customers has increased from 38% to 64%, highlighting that the way we use customer’s information is changing rapidly.

How to target customers on a personal level

The key to personalisation comes from understanding your customer base and knowing your market inside out. In order to gain the knowledge to offer a truly personalised experience to consumers, you need to first be prepared to invest in the right tools. Loyalty card schemes have become a favourite amongst many major retailers as the system allows them to extract key information regarding shopping habits and product popularity, which helps them to understand their customer’s requirements better. Tesco’s clubcard scheme is a prime example of this methodology at work and it has allowed them to personalise offers to in store shoppers as well as online shoppers.

These handy loyalty cards can also increase the return on your investment as through more tailored offers, you can entice customers to spend more than they normally would to take advantage of the offers and also build customer loyalty at the same time.

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Take advantage of a CRM system to benefit your business

One major pitfall that many businesses suffer from is poor communication, between you and the customer as well as internally once a customer has been contacted. Businesses who fail to address these issues are likely to be forgotten fairly quickly by consumers. An integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will ensure that all of your customer data is in one place and that there is no need to switch systems between departments. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than a department not being able to view their purchasing history.

With a CRM system in place, you can offer customers a more beneficial shopping experience. Businesses can extract vital information that will help to streamline their products and offers to consumers and will in turn increase profits and revenue. ‘Big data’ is the new strategy for any business looking for growth and success.

So it’s the personal touch that counts and you can rely on this from the professionals here at Baker Goodchild. Contact us today to discuss your personalisation options moving forward as a business.

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