Get ready for Me-Tail

Is your business ready for me-tail?

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Me-tail is the latest marketing buzz word. What does it mean and what are the implications for your business?

Perhaps unsurprisingly me-tail has developed from the greater degree of personalisation that is achievable today. There are pull and push aspects to the me-tail revolution. Firstly, technical developments (websites, social media platforms, Variable Data) has provided the technology to increase the levels of personalisation. That in turn has created a consumer expectation – they actually desire more targeted, more personalised marketing and the information and data that they provide in the course of this, further increases the effectiveness of the targeting.

The masterbrand marketing manager at Birds Eye, Cheryl Calverley, says she has identified the need to change the marketing strategy for 2014, moving towards personalisation and creating communication which is more relevant for the consumer directly.

She went on to explain that customers are now eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach and that businesses that stick to this outdated method would quickly find themselves left out in the cold. The Birds Eye guru believes that instead an “end to end, personalised conversation” is what’s needed in order to attract consumers and maintain a genuine relationship.

The approach being taken by Birds Eye is certainly borne out by research from O2, with more than half of consumers – 56% – saying they would be more likely to use a retailer if they received a customised experience and a personalised service. Experts believe that simply by switching to a more bespoke approach, retailers could find their sales rise by 7.8%.

Me-tail and the small business

What does this actually mean for smaller to medium sized businesses that don’t have the IT and marketing buy of the larger brands? Will they once again find themselves out manoeuvred by the ‘big boys’?

The good news is not necessarily – with some careful forethought, some imagination and probably some hard work you can achieve a high degree of personalisation.

The first element to any me-tail success is data. Get any existing data checked out for ‘cleanliness’ from a data processing expert. Ask about buying more up to date data. And put in place measures to ensure you are collecting as much relevant data as possible at appropriate points – when taking sales over the phone, online or even instore. Look at integrating this data with CRM so you can use not just buying history but a whole range of information to guide direct mail marketing for example.

Personalised Print

Using this data there will be many opportunities to create effective personalised print. A print management company can help you make the most of the opportunities that Variable Data print offers – from eye-catching envelopes to compelling targeted offers on DM print.

Finally, explore how digital channels can support your me-tail campaign. They offer many opportunities to engage on a more personal level and provide for 360° marketing interactions that will create a more personalised customer relationship.

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