Talk to your boss about digital marketing benefits this Christmas

Is your boss behind the times when it comes to digital marketing?

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According to a new survey, over a third (34%) of digital marketing managers have claimed that their bosses have a poor understanding of digital and are not willing to invest in it sufficiently.

Results of a UK Digital Marketing Survey

The survey, which was conducted via Marin Software, found that of the two hundred digital marketing managers in the UK questioned, only 30% believed their companies had struck the right balance between their online and offline budgets.

Nearly half (48%) of those surveyed said that they believed their bosses need to spend more money on their digital campaigns in order to deliver better results for their business. 67% also said that their online efforts need improved integration with offline marketing, i.e. an integrated strategy. A total of 66% of respondees revealed that they need to do more to integrate their digital marketing disciplines better, e.g. SEO, paid search and social media.

Why the lack of investment in digital marketing?

So what’s putting businesses off from investing in digital marketing? Well one suggestion is that older generations of bosses just don’t get the digital world or understand the benefits of using digital marketing to generate profitable results. Another suggestion is that they may be reluctant to move into the digital world if their traditional marketing methods like direct mail are still working for them.

What Baker Goodchild can provide for your direct mail campaigns

As a mailing house, we are all for using direct mail to market your business, though we firmly believe that companies can generate even better results by integrating their offline and online marketing efforts. Using technology like QR codes, NFC and Google Adwords remarketing in direct mail campaigns is a great way to fuse the two worlds together and generate even better responses.

2015 Digital Marketing Priorities

When asked about their priorities for 2015, the majority of the digital marketing managers said they planned to work even closer with IT teams. 54% said that they already work closely with the IT department at their workplace and 19% will seek to do this in the near future. This suggests that marketing managers are looking to integrate technologies into their campaigns in order to achieve more profitable results for their companies.

The need for Data Analysis Skills

What’s slightly worrying is that only 26% of digital marketing managers said they were planning to employ people with strong skills in data analysis. We don’t know about you but without data analysis, we can’t really imagine being able to determine the success of a campaign or it’s ROI? And surely providing evidence of a digital marketing campaign’s success is the only real way a marketing manager can encourage their boss to get on board and increase investments in digital? Just a thought!

If digital marketing sounds interesting for your business then contact a member of the Baker Goodchild team on 0800 612 1972 today.

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