Is direct mail dead?

Is direct mail dead?

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We live in a digital world, a world where your every desire is only ever a click away, but does that mean that the avenue of direct mail is now dead to marketers and consumers alike?

Many will tell you that yes direct mail is dead in an age of digital marketing, that it has no place in a 21st century marketing budget. However, despite the often pessimistic views of a minority, direct mail has continued to experience huge success as a marketing tool for many businesses across a range of industries. So what is it about direct mail that prevents it from becoming a casualty to the digital age?

Consumer choice speaks volumes

The statistics for Direct Mail have always been strong in spite of digital mail. Recent figures still show that direct mail is ahead of email marketing in many ways with as much as 92% of direct mail being opened compared to a meagre 10% of email newsletters, but why such a difference? Email newsletters are unfortunately guilty of flooding most people’s inboxes on a daily basis. The biggest issue seems to be trust, with email scams, viruses and many other online threats, we often ignore any emails from unrecognisable sources. With direct mail, especially those that are relevant to the consumer, as many as 70% will go online after receiving a brochure or catalogue and as much as 18% will keep the literature for later or share it with a friend.

Joining Forces

Both direct mail and digital mail can be extremely powerful forces in the world of marketing. Rather than one trying to cancel the other out, these two marketing tools work best in conjunction with each other. Any business looking to develop a successful marketing strategy should be seriously considering the benefits that both these tools offer. By allowing room for the two within your marketing budget, you could increase the power of your campaign, widen your targeted audience and increase your ROI.

Direct mail gives you an opportunity to send consumers something personal. Some of the largest companies in the world still use direct mail including Virgin, American Express, Visa and many more. Whilst multinational companies still employ this marketing strategy, direct mail is far from dead and buried, it is still by far one of the best ways to contact consumers and get a response.

Direct Mail certainly isn’t dead and we’re shouting this from the rooftops here at Baker Goodchild. This view has been held since 1995 when we were founded, call us to discuss the bright future for your business when using Direct Mail.

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