International Mail Services to Europe

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The UK, while still part of Europe, is listed as its own World Zone by the Royal Mail, with the rest of Europe falling into the second World Zone category. The UK is well placed within Europe to make international mail services to its surrounding neighbours a smooth and efficient process. We have written on this in more detail below.

International mail delivery times to Europe

Regardless of the country that you plan to send international mail to, you can find the expected delivery times listed here:

  • Economy international mail services – allow for up to two weeks
  • Standard international mail services – allow for between three and five days
  • Tracked international mail services – allow for between three and five days
  • Signed for international mail services – allow for between three and five days

Being a mailing house that has been established since 1995, we’ve developed relationships with mailing suppliers around the world. This allows us to take advantage of the cheapest rates and quickest times. For a more exact quote on our international mail services tailored to your needs, please contact us here.

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Sending international mail in Europe

While the delivery costs and times will more or less stay the same depending on the country that you are sending to in Europe, there are other factors that you must consider too. This includes things such as how to label addresses, the reliability of the local postal service, and how that particular country views international mail arriving on their doorsteps.

You can read more on some of our international mail services to specific countries here:

Why should you make use of international mail services to Europe?

Sending mail internationally, although it will involve slightly more planning and costs, can reap great benefits for your company. On average, only around 20% of people will open promotional emails, while at least 98% of people will sort through their direct mail every single day.

Following the links that we have provided above to some of the countries that we offer international mail services to in Europe, you will see that generally bulk international mail is always seen favourably. The same can’t always be said for the use of promotional emails.

The UK is in a great position within Europe, surrounded by some of the strongest economic powerhouses in the world. While it’s important not to forget the giants such as the US and China, the vast range of opportunities available to you throughout Europe is something that is worth getting a foothold in.

Using bakergoodchild for your international mail services to Europe

If you are planning on launching a direct mail campaign or sending international mail services to Europe, you need to use experts who are experienced with the varying costs, routes, options and laws. With over two decades of experience in the mailing industry, let bakergoodchild help you today.


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